• Brachial plexus injury during birth

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    Childbirth is an exciting time. Yet despite modern medical advances, there are several risks. Many factors come into play during childbirth and if complications occur, it is crucial how your child’s birth is achieved. Sometimes, the baby’s shoulder can get caught in the birth canal causing injury to the baby. It can be related to the size of the baby, it’s angle during delivery, a breech presentation or prolonged labor. The force used to deliver the baby can cause damage to the brachial plexus nerves. The actions of your medical professional during childbirth are crucial to the health of the baby.

    If you feel a complication such as this has occurred and caused a birth injury to your child, contact Linton & Hirshman Attorneys at Law today to speak with a birth injury attorney. Ellen Hobbs Hirshman, Robert F. Linton, Jr., and Tobias J. Hirshman are attorneys that have managed specialized cases such as birth injury. We have experience addressing difficult complications of childbirth and have you and your child’s best interest at heart. Birth injuries of this nature can be very emotional to the family and we will handle your case with compassion and respect. We will diligently investigate the circumstances of the injury, review all related medical records, obtain witness statements, and determine whose at fault.

    Our goal as your attorney is to help you and your family deal with whatever comes your way as the baby develops. We will take the time and forethought to plan for any additional medical costs such as medical procedures and therapists. The attorneys at Linton & Hirshman will hold the responsible parties accountable and obtain the compensation you deserve so you can focus on raising a healthy child.

    Contact Linton & Hirshman to schedule a free consultation with a birth injury attorney that will help you understand your legal rights and options. Linton & Hirshman, Cleveland attorneys, are committed to asserting the rights of birth injury victims and families. We have the legal experience, resources, and medical knowledge to strongly defend the rights of victims of birth injury. Let us be your advocate; contact us today for a home or hospital appointment. We are conveniently located in the warehouse district of Cleveland near the state and federal courthouses.

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  • Malpractice lawyers understand your struggle

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    Being a victim of medical malpractice can be devastating. Your life or that of a loved one has been turned upside down. You may find yourself facing big hurdles in addition to healing. If you are unable to work and provide for your family due to the negligence of a medical professional, you have rights. The lawyers of Linton & Hirshman understand how quickly your life can become complicated and stressful from another person’s irresponsible actions. When you turn to a malpractice lawyer, know that your best interest is at heart and you have an advocate.

    The malpractice lawyers at Linton & Hirshman have compassion for the victims and their families. The vast experience your lawyers have will work in your favor. Your malpractice lawyer has the knowledge to effectively build your malpractice case using valuable medical documentation and witness statements.

    Malpractice can be many things. When a medical professional has failed to order essential diagnostic tests, misdiagnosed, provided improper treatment, or caused permanent injury to you or a loved one, contact the malpractice lawyers at Linton & Hirshman. Your malpractice lawyer will advise you of your rights and recommend appropriate action for compensation. Linton & Hirshman will assert your rights to recover lost wages, medical expenses, compensation for pain and suffering, and any additional costs incurred by your family from a malpractice case.

    Robert F. Linton, Jr., Ellen Hobbs Hirshman and Tobias J. Hirshman are lawyers that understand your struggle returning to your normal lifestyle after becoming a malpractice victim. They are compassionate, patient and caring. You are not alone. Contact us today for a free consultation with an experienced malpractice lawyer. Home and hospital visits are available. The law offices of Linton & Hirshman are located in the warehouse district of Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • Spinal injury and long term care

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    Spinal cord injury is damage to the spinal cord that results in a loss of function such as mobility or feeling. Frequent causes of damage are trauma and disease. Traumatic incidents include car accidents, gunshot, and falls, etc. The spinal cord does not have to be severed in order for a loss of functioning to occur. Spinal injury can cause permanent damage forever altering the way you live. A victim who encounters a spinal injury can loose the ability to continue working in their chosen profession. This certainly could effect the financial security of you or a loved one.

    At Linton & Hirshman, we understand the complexity and magnitude of a spinal injury case. We know that a lifetime of expenses will add up for the care of a loved one with a spinal cord injury. Our goal is to help you plan for those expenses and hold the responsible party liable. Robert F. Linton, Jr., Tobias J. Hirshman and Ellen Hobbs Hirshman will work diligently to protect your rights and advise you the appropriate course of action in a spinal cord injury case. A comprehensive assessment of current and future expenses will be scrutinized. Long term care and significant medical expenses are often associated with spinal cord injuries. When someone you love suffers a spinal injury, contact an attorney at Linton & Hirshman. We will treat you with compassion and aggressively pursue the compensation you and your family deserve.

    The vast experience our attorneys have can make all the difference in your case. We have the legal expertise, resources, and medical knowledge to strongly assert the rights of a spinal cord injury victim. Our attorneys will begin an immediate investigation into your case collecting all necessary evidence such as witness statements, medical documentation, police reports, and physical evidence related to your injuries.

    Cleveland attorneys Linton & Hirshman are committed to asserting the rights of spinal injury victims and their families. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Hospital or home appointments are available. We are conveniently located in the warehouse district near the state and federal courthouses.

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  • Nursing home injuries are costly mistakes to patients

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    The process of choosing a nursing home to care for your loved one is a daunting task. A nursing home can be inspected for cleanliness, staff interaction and physical features of the nursing home. People often wonder about the things they don’t see when choosing a nursing home. How will their loved one be spoken to, how often will they be checked on? How quickly will medical concerns be addressed? Sadly, your loved one can only answer those questions once they are in the nursing home.

    Nursing home injuries can be avoided with quality care and a responsible staff. Staffing negligence can cause a myriad of problems resulting in nursing home injuries. Sometimes even the omission of a simple question can mean the difference between avoiding a medical problem and having to treat a new medical problem. Unfortunately, dehydration is a problem in nursing homes. If the staff is not properly monitoring a patient’s fluid in take, dehydration can set in and adversely effect other medical conditions. Dehydration can mask other medical problems and hinder treatment. If you suspect this basic care requirement is not being met and is causing medical problems for your loved one, contact an attorney at Linton & Hirshman.

    Linton & Hirshman Attorneys at Law will gather information from the nursing home to effectively determine the negligent party in a nursing home injury case. Injuries such as prescription drug errors, bed soars, falls, dehydration, the failure to diagnose and treat c-diff and malnutrition are all preventable injuries. We will obtain all pertinent medical records, interview staff and personnel, and use all available resources to support your case. Our goal is to obtain proper and appropriate care of your loved one and ensure they are not suffering due to someone else’s negligence. Nursing home injuries can be avoided.

    At Linton & Hirshman, our attorneys Ellen Hobbs Hirshman, Robert F. Linton, Jr., and Tobias J. Hirshman are committed to helping victims and families of nursing home injury, abuse, and neglect. The welfare of your loved one is our top priority. You and your family have an advocate in Linton & Hirshman who will be compassionate and caring.

    If someone you love has suffered from a nursing home injury, abuse or neglect, the attorneys at Linton & Hirshman can help you assert your rights against any negligent care facility or employee. The law offices of Linton & Hirshman Attorneys at Law are located in the warehouse district of Cleveland, Ohio. Contact us today for a free consultation. Nursing home, hospital or home appointments are available.

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