• Nursing Home Injury Lawyer

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    How a Cleveland Nursing Home Injury Lawyer Protects the Ones You Love

    In a nursing home, our loved ones are only as protected as the care we give them. When a nursing home injury happens, it’s natural to blame yourself, but it’s more important to ensure that the nursing home be held accountable. Nursing home injuries only perpetuate themselves the longer they are ignored. The nursing home industry will only respond when pushed, only when they get that court summons from your Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer.

    Like any other industry, the nursing home exists to make money. They only react to change when it is financially in their best interest. Furthermore, many have chosen to cut costs, needlessly putting their clients at great risk for nursing home injuries. When a nursing home has been brought to justice by a nursing home injury lawyer, it helps set a precedent. The entire industry reacts, often to the good of those directly under the care of the nursing home.

    All safety standards we have today for nursing homes are the direct result of families contacting a nursing home injury lawyer and holding the nursing home accountable. As the industry has become so standardized, proving a nursing home injury often is only a matter of reviewing records, running exams, and examining safety procedures. If the injury was truly the result of negligence, it will show in the records and can usually be quickly spotted by a qualified nursing home injury lawyer.

    Linton & Hirshman LLC is a Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer firm with more than nine decades of combined experience. Our partners Tobias Hirshman, Robert F, Linton, Jr., and Ellen Hirshman have worked in some of the leadiing law firms in the country bringing nursing homes to justice. Protect the rights of your loved ones by consulting a Linton & Hirshman LLC nursing home injury lawyer for a free consultation today.

  • How a Nursing Home Injury Attorney Completes the Circle of Trust

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    Growing up, we learned to trust our parents. As they also grow older, the day comes when they must place their  trust in us. Roles reverse as children assume a nurturing position in the lives of those who brought them into the world. That’s why a nursing home injury can be so very devastating. If your family has been the victim, it is critical to consult a Cleveland nursing home injury attorney immediately. It’s the only way to not only assert the rights of your loved one, but ensure their care is what they deserve in their golden years.

    If your family member has suffered as the result of a nursing home injury, including delay in the diagnosis of c-diff, timing is of the essence. Evidence must be preserved. Records need to be obtained and reviewed. Experts must be consulted and retained.  Do not delay. Contact a Cleveland nursing home injury attorney at Linton & Hirshman LLC immediately to begin the process of evidence preservation. The quality of case you bring to court depends on how fast you pick up the phone and react.

    Sadly, the aging population is often the most abused and neglected because of inaction. Family members are led to believe that certain injuries naturally happen to the elderly, and they don’t question the details. At Linton & Hirshman, our considerable experience asserts the rights of your loved ones.  As a leading Cleveland nursing home injury attorney firm, we can spot cases of negligence and begin compiling the data before too much time is lost. Our considerable resources leverage your case, protecting the rights of your loved ones and asserting their needs in a court of law.

    Each one of our partners, Ellen Hobbs Hirshman, Robert F. Linton, Jr., and Tobias J. Hirshman, has been a practicing nursing home injury attorney in Cleveland for decades, bringing over 90 years of experience before the bench. Let us complete the cycle of trust and ensure your loved ones get the utmost quality of care in the golden years of their lives.

  • Car Accident Attorney Cleveland

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    Justice Delivered by a Leading Car Accident Attorney Firm in Cleveland

    One drink too many can devastate lives in its wake. Sadly, the victims of drunk drivers are often those who are not drunk themselves, who may even be the designated drivers of the evening. What’s more, drunk drivers are often repeat offenders, going on to perpetuate the same offense again and again until someone has held them responsible for their actions. If you’ve been the victim of a drunk driver, contact a car accident attorney in Cleveland. It’s critical not only to gain adequate compensation, but to ensure this driver is taken off the road permanently so they never hurt another person again.

    As the victim of a car accident, you face considerable medical expenses and perhaps even lifetime care. Recovery can only happen when your family has the financial security to move on. Consulting a car accident attorney in Cleveland helps you understand your rights and how you can protect your family financially.

    Moreover, you have a duty to contact a car accident attorney in Cleveland in order to keep reckless drivers off the road. Tragedies should not needlessly be repeated. Other families don’t have to suffer as your own when justice is delivered.

    Linton & Hirshman LLC is one of the leading car accident attorney firms in Cleveland that has decades of experience bringing reckless and drunken drivers to justice. Our considerable resources prepare your strongest case to ensure proper compensation. Your family can be comforted knowing they have the financial security they need to heal, and you’ll feel better knowing the perpetrator has been safely taken off the road for good. Contact our experts at Linton & Hirshman LLC for a free of charge consultation.

  • Birth Injury Lawyer Cleveland

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    Personal Questions Answered by a Birth Injury Lawyer in Cleveland

    Birth injuries are both tragic and personal. Not knowing who to blame, it’s easy to blame yourself, sometimes well into the life of the child affected by the birth injury. Consulting a birth injury lawyer in Cleveland can help begin the healing process and discover the truth behind your child’s predicament. Often, birth injuries have nothing to do with the mother and may everything to do with the medical staff that helped bring the child into this world.

    Mothers instinctively trust their doctor, and it’s usually justified. An obstetrician fulfills a nurturing role when he or she does her duty correctly. When something goes wrong, the blame often sadly shifts to the mother and prenatal care, and many times not with the doctor where it may belong.

    Contacting a birth injury lawyer in Cleveland is not about the money. It’s about reassurance, discovering what really went wrong in the delivery room so you have a solid answer for the years to come. Life goes on after a birth injury, but a true understanding needs to be reached before the healing can begin.

    A consultation with a Linton & Hirshman LLC birth injury lawyer is free and confidential. Our leading partners Robert F, Linton, Jr., Ellen Hirshman and Tobias Hirshman have more than 90 years of combined experience as birth injury lawyers. Ellen Hirshman, in fact, leads the Women’s Health Law Center where you can talk woman-to-woman about the issues that surround your birth injury. Get answers to your questions by contacting a Cleveland birth injury lawyer at Linton & Hirshman LLC today.