• Questions to Ask a Doctor and Cleveland Nursing Home Injury Lawyer

    Posted on August 15th, 2011 admin No comments

    It’s a pretty safe assertion to assume that most insurance adjusters may not have your best interest in mind when investigating an alleged nursing home injury. They represent the nursing home’s best interests, not those of your loved one. They seek to control costs, and that means minimizing the damage awards to nursing home injury victims. That’s why it is so important to immediately consult a Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer when nursing home injury or abuse is suspected, so that you truly understand your rights. Advocacy must begin without delay to build the most solid case possible.

    In addition to seeing a Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer, you’ll also need to consult with a doctor. This is important in not only maximizing chances of recovery for your loved one, but to ensure that the injury is properly documented. Before seeing a doctor, be certain to gather all of the proper medical information, including medication they’re taking, history of hospital or emergency room visits, as well as any test results that have been conducted.

    When talking with the doctor, be particular about the details. Explain the personal injury in detail. How did it happen? Where was the patient injured? How frequent or severe are their symptoms? Now is not the time to downplay their injury. Your case depends on an accurate documentation of your loved one’s injuries. This is important for the doctor as well as the Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer.

    Make sure to write down your questions ahead of time before visiting the doctor. You may want to consult your Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer for a list of specific questions you’ll want to be sure get answered.

    At Linton & Hirshman LLC, we help victims of nursing home injury or abuse, receive the compensation they need and deserve for a lifetime of quality care. With over 75 years of experience, our attorneys are familiar with nursing home injury cases, so they’ll have key advice that can be best at building a case and provide details on what to expect in court. Contact Linton & Hirshman LLC for a free consultation. Many cases are taken on a contingency basis, with clients paying only when recovery has been made on their behalf.

    Remember, consulting a Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer is not about justice or revenge. It’s about protecting the rights of your loved one, as well as those of their friends and neighbors. If no one advocates for the disabled and elderly, who will?