• When a Birth Injury is Suspect – Contact a Cleveland Birth Injury Attorney

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    Before Calling a Cleveland Attorney: Reasons to Suspect a Birth Injury

    Not every birth injury is noticeable immediately in the hospital. Indeed, while some birth injuries are instantly obvious following delivery, others may not appear until months if not years later. Spotting the birth injury as soon as possible is very important in protecting your child legally and financially. Let’s look at some of the common signs of birth injury, and at which stage of development each may present itself. If you suspect a birth injury, it is wise to consult a Cleveland birth injury attorney as soon as possible.


    Obvious signs of birth injury include abrasions, bruises or swelling in the baby’s face, head and shoulder. Other signs are limp limbs or loose muscle tone. Seizures in the first 24 hours may be another sign. If the infant requires a feeding tube or breathing apparatus following delivery, this can be an indicator as well.

    Late Development

    Some birth injuries that tend to occur later in the child’s development and may include a lack of muscle coordination, ability to reach, a delay in cognitive abilities or the ability to sit up, roll over or walk.

    Talk to a Doctor

    Long before you consult a Cleveland birth injury attorney, talk to a doctor first. Some signs may simply be slow development. We all grow at different paces. If developmental disabilities are apparent, the next thing it to determine is if it is a result of negligence or malpractice. This is best handled by a Cleveland birth injury attorney experienced in such matters.

    Call Linton & Hirshman LLC to arrange a free of charge consultation which will help explain your legal alternatives. If we believe that your child suffered a birth injury caused by medical negligence, our attorneys will recommend and start a direct investigation of your case. We will work with specialists, consult with eyewitnesses and maintain all necessary evidence for your claim.

    Linton & Hirshman LLC, Attorneys in Cleveland, Ohio, is committed to upholding the rights of birth injury victims and their families. We have the legal experience, resources and medical contacts to strongly defend the rights of victims of birth injury. We are available at your convenience for a free consultation on birth injury – with in the hospital or home appointments available. Linton & Hirshman is located in the warehouse district of downtown Cleveland, near the state and federal courthouses.

  • Driving Tips that Just Might Save You a Call to a Cleveland Car Accident Attorney

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    The highway may be a fast way to get to work, but it’s also one of the most dangerous places we spend our time, right up there with the kitchen and the shooting range. Being aware of our surroundings helps us to avoid accidents, not to mention a phone call to a Cleveland car accident attorney. No matter how safe you think you drive, you can always be safer through a simple sharpening of daily driving habits. Safety happens . . . one turn signal at a time.

    Keep Cell Phone Use to Emergency Only

    Although cell phones provide everyone with the tremendous reassurance of immediate contact in an emergency situation, you should refrain from the distraction of talking or texting via your cell phones while driving. It’s evident that those driving and using cell phones often fail to view the entire roadway, which includes traffic lights, other cars, bicyclists, animals, pedestrians and construction detours.

    Leave Life in the Fast Lane to the Speed Nuts

    The center or right lane of the highway leaves you more options, and keeps you out of the path of the speed racers. In the center lane, you have more places to go. The far right lane makes it easy to pull over. The majority of highway accidents tend to happen in the left lane. Keep it safe in the center, or near the berm. Always keep several optional escape routes open.

    Control Steering Wheel at 9 and 3

    It’s always best to have a firm grip on the steering wheel in case you hit a bump or encounter the need to swerve. For the best leverage, try holding the steering wheel at a 9, 3 position. Think of it like a clock. This position provides optimized vehicle control if you need to act fast to avoid a collision.

    Drive in Daylight When Possible

    Driving at night may be tempting to avoid traffic, but you face bad night vision, not to mention encounters with folks driving under the influence of alcohol coming home from the bar. If you have a choice, stick to daylight. Simply driving at a better time of day can save you the hassle of calling a Cleveland car accident attorney.

  • Common Birth Injuries that Require a Consultation with a Cleveland Birth Injury Lawyer

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    Common Birth Injuries that Require a Consultation with a Cleveland Birth Injury LawyerThe natural process of birth involves a series of mechanical movements. These can include compression, torque, traction and contraction. Birth is naturally a complicated process, and sometimes common procedures can go wrong. That’s why you seek medical assistance in the first place. A birth injury can result whenever any one of these movements is interrupted. Let’s take a look at some of the more common injuries that may require the consultation of a Cleveland birth injury lawyer.


    Bruising is usually the result of trauma experienced as the baby comes out of the birth canal. Often, it happens when the baby comes into contact with the mother’s pelvic bones. Bruising may also be the result of vacuum extraction or forceps.


    Far the most common type of birth injury, fractures typically heal quickly, but in some cases may result in lasting damage. If it impedes your child’s life, you’ll need to contact a Cleveland birth injury lawyer.


    This is bleeding beneath the cranial bones, and it often looks like a bump to the head. Often, it’s the result of an infant’s body reabsorbing the blood. In most cases, it goes away after two to three months, but in more extreme instances, it can lead to jaundice.

    Cerebral Palsy

    This is a neurological disorder that appears during infancy or childhood and seriously restricts the coordination of movement. Rather than the result of muscles or nerves, this stems directly from brain damage. In some cases, it’s the result of nature, or may even happen during the development of the fetus. Other cases, it’s the result of neglect and the mother not getting the proper supervision. Always consult a Cleveland birth injury lawyer in the cases of cerebral palsy.

    Choosing to contact a Cleveland birth injury lawyer depends on the seriousness of the case and how long it will affect your child’s life. Many require lifelong care. Talk to a Linton & Hirshman LLC Cleveland birth injury lawyer in a free consultation to decide which is the best path for your child.