• Cleveland Nursing Home Attorney Advice on Spotting Nursing Home Abuse

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    In many cases of nursing home abuse, the signs are obvious. Glaring bruises, bed sores, signs of deprivation all read like writing on the wall. Other warning signs may be more subtle. Know what to look for. If you suspect your loved one is not being properly cared for or your loved one’s injury is a direct result of negligence, consult a Cleveland nursing home attorney. Advocate for the ones you love by being aware of abuse and negligence symptoms.

    • Dehydration
      Potentially lethal, dehydration is one of the more subtle forms of nursing home abuse. It can result from dementia or just plain nursing home negligence. It can be simply avoided through a regular nursing schedule, with a staff member actually witnessing the resident drink water. If necessary, hydration tubes may be recommended and provided. If your loved one is frequently dehydrated, make sure they get the special attention they need to make sure they’re drinking the proper amounts of fluid. In cases of obvious neglect, even dehydration should be reported to a Cleveland nursing home attorney.
    • Bedsores
      Bedsores can naturally result from spending extended periods in bed, and isn’t itself a sign of neglect. It depends on the severity. Bedsores can range from the benign to lethal. Most mild bedsores are red irritations that can quickly be relieved through medical remedy. In more severe cases, bedsores can become more serious wounds penetrating the skin and sometimes even digging into bone. The more severe cases are clear signs of neglect, and may require the legal advice of a Cleveland nursing home attorney.
    • Emotional Abuse
      Nursing home abuse does not need to be physical. Mental or emotional abuse is also common, and can be just as devastating as physical neglect. Your loved one’s mental state needs to be discussed during any conversation you need to have with a Cleveland nursing home attorney.

    Call Linton & Hirshman LLC to arrange a free consultation to assist with your understanding of the legal options available, when nursing home abuse or negligence is suspect. If they believe that your loved one has suffered as a result of nursing home negligence, their attorneys will recommend an immediate investigation into your case.

    Linton & Hirshman LLC, attorneys in Cleveland, Ohio, are committed to asserting the rights of nursing home abuse and negligence victims. They posses the resources, with medical sources with knowledge and attorneys with legal experience to strongly assert the rights of victims of nursing home abuse and neglect. Contact Linton & Hirshman LLC today for a free consultation. Nursing home, hospital or home appointments are available.

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  • Advice from a Cleveland Birth Injury Lawyer: Obtain an Estimate on Care

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    Raising children is naturally expensive, but a lifetime care for a child that’s suffered a birth injury requires much more care – not only by the parents, but medical and support staff as well. Parents need to know what lies ahead, so they can be prepared for the future. Calling a Cleveland birth injury lawyer really comes down to caring for the potential financial needs of your child. Knowing what those are ahead of time, will help you and your family prepare for the future and your child’s daily needs.

    Lifelong care for someone with cerebral palsy, for example, can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your home may require special accommodations, and so will your vehicle. Your child may require special care to go to school or make a living as an adult. There are also medical costs to consider, which may or may not be covered by insurance. You’ll also have to pay for doctor office visits, hospital stays, and any rehabilitative therapy as well.

    Will your child be able to work as an adult, or will he or she require lifetime care as well? Though the Internet has opened career opportunities to many of those with cerebral palsy, there is still may be nursing care to consider, as well as special equipment to accommodate the individual’s needs. In addition, there may also be need for emergency room visits and/or 24 hour nursing care.

    Naturally, the expenses will vary with the birth injury. A Cleveland birth injury lawyer can help you determine the other costs for your child’s care. In cases of birth injury, truth is power. Meet the special needs of your child head on by proactively preparing for their life long needs. Make an appointment for a free consultation with Cleveland birth injury lawyers at Linton & Hirshman LLC. With a combined 90 years of experience, give our experts the opportunity to advocate for your loved one.

  • Overmedication May Be Reason to Contact a Cleveland Nursing Home Lawyer

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    It’s a simple fact as we get older – pill bottles collect like birthdays. The older your loved one gets, the more medication they’ll need in order to live comfortably. From high blood pressure to medication to counteract dementia to simple vitamins, keeping your loved one medicated requires a regular schedule. As nursing homes cut staff, however, residents don’t always get the medication they need or in the timely fashion directed. This can be quite serious, resulting in stroke, serious illness or even death. Over or under medication is certainly enough cause to consult with a Cleveland nursing home lawyer.

    Wrong Bottle

    Healthcare is in crisis, and nursing homes are not exempt. Too many facilities are drastically understaffed, which means those on call are usually overworked on long, extended hours, with many on overtime. This leads to fatigue, which can result in simple mistakes that have serious repercussions. If someone receives diabetes medicine instead of a prescription for dementia, for example, both patients lose out on their needed medication, and may suffer serious, perhaps even life threatening side effects as a result.

    Wrong Dosage

    Ask any Cleveland nursing home lawyer. Over medication is far more common than you think, and it can have serious consequences. With physical restraint now against the law, some facilities secretly use overmedicating to control patients so they’ll be more docile. Aside from seriously affecting the quality of life your loved one enjoys, overmedicating can result in overdose and even death.

    If your loved one seems to be behaving erratically, often appears zonked out and incapacitated, overmedication or the wrong type of medication may be the problem. If any of these occur, that’s reason enough to consult a Cleveland nursing home lawyer. Your loved one deserves advocacy. That’s what families are for.