• Ask a Cleveland Nursing Home Injury Attorney: Choosing the Right Facility

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    Considering the wide variety of elder care options available, choosing the right facility for your loved one certainly isn’t easy, but it’s one that will ultimately determine the quality of care your loved one receives. Select one that not only cares for your loved ones needs, but ultimately provides as happy an environment as possible so he or she can continue to  flourish, even if at a limited means. Taking care in this decision ultimately minimizes the chance of having to call a Cleveland nursing home injury attorney to protect the welfare of your loved one.

    Do Your Research

    It’s a good idea to research several different types of facilities before deciding on the right one. These will ultimately depend on your loved one’s independence and needs. Above all, make sure the nursing facility can deliver on the level of care promised. This includes talking with the families of other residents to get their assessment of the level of care received. Ask if they’ve ever had the need to consult a Cleveland nursing injury attorney.

    Look Up the Reputation of Each Facility

    Start with family and friends. They’ll be the most likely to give an honest assessment that won’t be tied to a marketing campaign. Try a mass email t co-workers, friends and other social contacts asking about a facility, and encourage those people to forward the email to others who may have had experience with the facility. Look up Yelp reviews on each facility.

    The Internet is a handy tool for spotting the places that most frequently get citations. If people have a bad experience, they’ll share it.

    Visit Unannounced

    Any Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer would advise visiting each facility personally. To get the most of each visit, arrive unannounced, perhaps even at different times of the day. Being spontaneous and unpredictable about your arrival ensures you get an honest look at how the facility is really run, and not just when they’re preparing for visitors.

  • Cleveland Birth Injury Attorney: Signs to Watch For

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    Identifying a birth injury is no easy task, and should ultimately be left to a professional. The question, however, is when do you call a Cleveland birth injury attorney? What may seem like a birth complication could be the direct result of negligence or error. Your child’s future care may depend on one simple call.

    Initial Signs

    Though some indications of birth injury don’t present themselves until well into a child’s development, there are immediate signs which need to be recognized. These include abrasions, bruising or swelling on the baby’s head, face or shoulders. Seizures that develop within 48 hours can be another sign. Is your child breathing normally at the time of delivery, or does he or she require CPR? Failure to breathe properly could be another sign. Does your child’s limbs have a floppy or limp appearance that seems to lack muscle tone?


    Other signs of birth injury can only be spotted as the child grows. Are they meeting their proper milestones? Within a month, babies should begin to focus on anything 8 to 12 inches away. Within three months, they should be able to follow moving objects. If a child is slow to suck and feed at one month, that may be a sign of developmental difficulty. Other questionable signs at three months include not being able to support one’s head, respond to loud sounds, or grasp and hold onto objects.

    If by month seven, your child cannot sit up properly, seems floppy like a rag doll, and can’t sit without help, you may want to consult a Cleveland birth injury attorney.

    Ultimately, it’s up to the professional expertise of a Cleveland birth injury attorney to decide. At Linton & Hirshman LLC, we offer a free consultation to discuss your situation. One simple call to a Linton & Hirshman LLC nursing home injury attorney can proactively protect your child for the rest of their lives.

  • Driving Tips to Avoid that Call to the

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    Car accidents are a fact of the road, but most can be avoided with a proactive approach to awareness. It’s our daily driving habits that can cause or avoid an accident. Safety is in the details. Simply keeping in mind the following driving tips may very well save you a call to a Cleveland car accident attorney.

    Distraction Dysfunction

    Simple distractions can turn tragic in the blink of an eye. Avoid any distractions behind the wheel, no matter how seemingly minor at the time. A simple fiddle of an iPod is enough time to take your eyes from the wheel and cause a serious accident. Makeup is for bathroom mirrors, not your rear-view. Texting can be more impairing than drunk driving. Tweet, and you will be running the risk of a fender-bender.

    Don’t Stretch Sleep

    Driver fatigue is second only to drunk driving when it comes to the cause of accidents. If you feel sleepy, pull over and doze for a few minutes. Pulling over for 10 to 15 minutes every couple of hours is a great way to get revived and be alert for the road ahead.

    Weather Blues

    Always avoid driving in dangerous weather conditions. Snow, rain or hail can greatly impact visibility and your control of the road. Why risk the unnecessary? Life is valuable. So during inclement weather, delay your plans or simply change your plans – stay home and off the treacherous roads.

    Be careful out there, and save yourself a call to the Cleveland car accident attorney. Accidents happen, but let’s do our best to prevent them. Pay attention to the details of driving, so everyone comes home safe and sound.

    If you do have the unfortunate occurrence of being involved in an accident, be certain to contact a Cleveland car accident attorney at Linton & Hirshman LLC.