• When You Should Pick Up the Phone and Call a Cleveland Car Accident Lawyer

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    Car accidents happen daily, whether it’s a scratch on a bumper or a tragic collision that results in injury or death. The first people to call are the police or other emergency officials. Who do you call next, your insurance company or a Cleveland car accident lawyer? The answer depends on the damage. If there are injuries or serious damage to your vehicle, definitely consult a Cleveland car accident lawyer, and don’t delay. In many cases, it’s wise to talk to one even before you have an in-depth conversation with any insurance company.

    A Cleveland car accident lawyer can advocate for you and your family’s rights by either negotiating with insurance claims adjusters, or fighting for your rights in court. Claims adjusters are professionally trained to settle claims for as little money as possible. Once you’ve accepted money from the insurance company, the claim is considered settled and there is very little advocacy that can be done at a later point. Also, remember that insurance companies record all conversations they have with you, so always be certain to consult your attorney before going into lengthy details about the accident.

    A Cleveland car accident lawyer fights for the rights of his or her clients every day. Those who utilize professional legal services in negotiating claims tend to receive higher settlements, even after the legal expenses have been paid. They know how to handle a courtroom as well if not better than the lawyers for the insurance companies.

    Contact Linton & Hirshman LLC today for a free consultation with a Cleveland car accident lawyer. Each of our partners has deeply entrenched experience negotiating with insurance companies. Unlike the insurance companies which only look to protect their bottom line, they work for you, advocating for your family and their rights. One simple call helps empower you and your family’s future.

  • Types of Compensation a Cleveland Birth Injury Lawyer May Advocate for Your Child

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    A Cleveland birth injury lawyer seeks to redress the negligence of care professionals through financial compensation, which can be quite substantial. Considering that the birth injury may affect the child for the rest of his or her life, the compensation needs to possibly require not only medical care, but lost wages and long term care. There are three types of compensation your Cleveland birth injury lawyer can seek. Let’s examine them in detail.

    Medical Care

    Start with medical care, as making certain that your child’s medical needs are taken care of is the first priority and may help to minimize the care he or she will need throughout their lives. Though parents won’t be directly compensated, the resulting money could help pay for a caregiver, especially if 24-hour care is required. These funds can substantially assist with the immediate responsibility of caring for your child’s well being.

    Future Earnings

    You’ll need to consider lost wages for your child, as they may require continual lifetime care due to their possible inability to work. You’ll need to recover those lost wages so your child has something to depend on, even when the child is still a baby.


    If a birth injury such as cerebral palsy seriously affects your child’s cognitive abilities, you’ll need to seek intellect compensation as well. This can be one of the largest forms of damages. Even if your child’s brain functions normally, it might cause their bodies to not respond physically, requiring lifelong nursing care.

    Talk to your Cleveland birth injury lawyer about the compensation you may be entitled to. Remember, this is not about revenge, but about advocating for the rights and future of your child. Prepare to meet the care and needs of your child proactively with a free consultation with a Cleveland birth injury lawyer.