• Advocating Your Child’s Rights by Consulting a Cleveland Birth Injury Attorney

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    One of the most important roles a parent plays in the life of their child is to be an advocate.

    This is especially true in the case of birth injury. Sadly, birth injuries are a part of the complicated process of birth. A lot can, and sometimes does, go wrong. Too often, parents blame themselves, when it can often directly result from a medical mistake or malpractice. In the case of birth injury, one of the most important decisions a parent can make is choosing to consult a Cleveland birth injury attorney. It really just comes down to advocating for the rights of your child.

    After birth, life goes on. However, birth injuries can be traumatizing injuries that result in serious long term life conditions. Your child’s very future and recovery may depend upon fighting for their rights in court. Your child may require special medical care or assisted living needs. They may need financial support for the rest of their lives, perhaps long after you are gone. Research your options by talking with a Cleveland birth injury attorney. It’s a decision that may very well be necessary to provide sustainable living options for your child.

    And the timing is critical. It’s important to consult a Cleveland birth injury attorney as soon as possible so that evidence may be gathered, medical tests can be made and health records may be reviewed. Making the best case in court begins with careful research, which must happen as soon as possible after the birth to be most effective. As your child’s advocate, realize the clock is ticking. You only have so much time to prepare the best case that protects your child’s rights in court.

    Contact a Linton & Hirshman LLC Cleveland birth injury attorney for a free and confidential consultation. Our qualified partners Tobias Hirshman and Robert F, Linton, Jr. have a vast number of years in combined experience as birth injury lawyers. Find out answers to your questions by contacting Linton & Hirshman LLC today. Don’t hesitate. Consult a Cleveland birth injury lawyer immediately so your child’s rights may be protected.

  • Cleveland Nursing Home Injury Lawyer Suggestion: The Importance of Power of Attorney

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    A power of attorney is a document in which a person unable to look after his or her affairs appoints another person or organization to handle their affairs. Ultimately, a power of attorney will provides a family the right to have a Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer advocate for the rights of their loved one if nursing home abuse is suspected. It is essential to have a durable power of attorney, which is created by specifically using the proper terminology and language in such a document. A Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer can best advise you on the power of attorney, to ensure it will protect your loved one adequately.

    The person who will have regular contact with your loved one should be given the power of attorney. Ideally, this should be a loved one who lives close by and can check in on the family member frequently. He or she may also be the best witness for signs of abuse. Always talk with a Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer before deciding who to appoint as power of attorney.

    It’s the person who will have power attorney that will file suit with the help of a Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer. He or she can provide direct testimony, and will be in the best position to assist the lawyer in establishing a case.

    If your loved one is incapable of making his or her own decisions, plan to immediately establish power of attorney with the help of a Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer, who will know the best legal recourse to protect the rights of your loved one. This should proactively be done even if elder abuse is not suspected. Should the services of a Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer be necessary, the exact wording of the power of attorney may have serious legal implications on the life of your loved one.