• Detecting Birth Injury and When to Call a Cleveland Birth Injury Lawyer

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    Not all birth injuries are evident in the delivery room, hospital or even in the first weeks at home. Indeed, birth injuries may take several months to be noticed, perhaps even several months down the line in a baby’s cognitive development. The most common sign is a delay in development. Regardless, the earlier a birth injury can be spotted the better, as it leads to quicker care for the child as well as a more proactive preparation of your child’s legal case by a Cleveland birth injury lawyer to ensure the best outcome.

    Baby Brain Injury Lawyer ClevelandConsult a Medical Professional

    Always consult a professional when it comes to birth injury. Parents should never try to diagnose a birth injury on their own. They naturally have their concerns, but only a professional can determine if your child is experiencing developmental delays that are a direct result of birth injury. Some children simply progress more slowly than others.

    Delays in development can be perfectly natural, but in some cases are actually indications of more serious problems that may be a direct result of birth injury. These include early signs of cerebral palsy, mental retardation and other severe conditions. If this is the case, you’ll need to contact a Cleveland birth injury lawyer.

    Consult a Legal Professional

    Once you’ve determined your child suffers from a birth injury through the guidance of a medical professional, find yourself a good lawyer. Again, keep in mind the earlier, the better. Your Cleveland birth injury lawyer will need to investigate thoroughly and look into all hospital records. They can naturally prepare a better case when the evidence is still fresh.

    At Linton & Hirshman LLC, your first consultation with a Cleveland birth injury lawyer is free. Let’s discuss your options. This is your child’s future we’re talking about. Let’s work together to make it the brightest possible.

  • Cleveland Nursing Home Injury Attorney: Don’t Let the Bedsores Bite

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    Ask any Cleveland nursing home injury attorney: One of the most common nursing home injuries is bedsores, and most do not need to happen. Otherwise known as decubitus ulcers or pressure sores, bedsores may seem like a mild sore, and are often written off as the inevitable effects of aging especially among the bedridden, but they can actually become quite serious. Indeed, if left untreated, bedsores can deteriorate and lead to infection, and in serious cases lead to organ damage or perhaps even death. The sad fact is that they don’t need to happen if the proper care and treatment is provided by the care keeper.

    Medical science has long learned how to prevent bedsores. Why are they so common in nursing homes? Too many people accept them as minor injuries that naturally result through aging, when in fact they are signs of neglect that may well be a case for a Cleveland nursing home injury attorney. If your loved one has experienced bedsores due to improper care, and that care is not corrected to alleviate the bedsores, you likely have good grounds to make a negligence case.

    Most nursing homes are understaffed these days. Neglectful care will only continue until someone blows the whistle and calls a Cleveland nursing home injury attorney. In this day and age of modern medicine, bedsores are simply unacceptable. Your family deserves better than that. You owe it to your loved one to advocate for their health. Call a Linton & Hirshman LLC Cleveland nursing home injury attorney for a free consultation to discuss the rights and safety of your loved one.

  • Be Careful on Social Media if Consulting a Cleveland Car Accident Attorney

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    In the new social media age, we live in a world where the lines between public and private life are quickly becoming blurred. It’s not only what you say in a court room or in front of a police officer that can be used against you, but what you say online on social media sites, in blogs and even personal emails. If you should need the services of a Cleveland car accident attorney, remember that what you post online can just as easily end up in court. Be careful discussing details of the accident on your Facebook page or any other social sites.


    People use social media to share their lives. However, these posts can sometimes be inconsistent with claimed injuries. Don’t get caught in a lie. Honesty remains the best policy, whether on Facebook, Twitter or in court. Twitter, Facebook and other media feeds are legally admissible before a judge. Insurance adjusters routinely follow clients in assessing the validity of claims. Adjusting your privacy settings to only include friends can help, but the only way to truly be in the clear is to not get caught in the lie in the first place.

    Trial By Jury

    If you require a Cleveland car accident attorney for a jury trial, realize the outcome of your case depends upon their judgment of the facts presented. Damaging social media posts can ruin your credibility, making it very difficult for a jury to support you. Posts revealing excessive drinking, keg stand photos and bachelor party memories can easily and may be used against you. Be careful with what you reveal on Facebook.

    Social media can be the new courtroom in a digital age. Everything you say online is admissible in court. Don’t publish anything you wouldn’t share in a courtroom. If you have any doubts, consult your Cleveland car accident attorney.