• On the Scene Accident Tips from a Cleveland Car Accident Lawyer

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    No matter how experienced you are behind the wheel or how careful you drive, car accidents are sometimes inevitable. Even fender benders can be a cold plunge into anxiety, leaving you fumbling with what to do next. Ask any Cleveland car accident lawyer. There are dos and don’ts to handling a car accident. You need to not only fulfill the requirements of the law, but you need to establish all the evidence you can while both drivers are on the scene.

    For starters and most importantly, make sure everyone is okay. Are there injuries that need to be attended to? Even if the other person is at fault, the most important thing is that everyone is safe. Once the condition of each driver and passenger has been established, alert the local police and get the vehicles off the road and into a safe area as soon as possible.

    Next, exchange information. This includes name, phone number, license plates, and insurance details. Note anything that may be worth remembering, as some details may be difficult to establish once you’ve left the scene. Don’t forget to document. Take cell phone pictures or video of the damage, the other driver’s license plate, car positioning, weather and driving conditions. Anything you capture with an iPhone may be used in court, and may just provide that critical detail the Cleveland car accident lawyer needs to build your case.

    The next step is to establish witnesses. Bystanders or other drivers work best, but not the other driver or any passengers in either vehicle. Always try to establish witness statements from a qualified third party.

    Most evidence is impossible to establish once you’ve left the scene. Get every piece of information you need, including video or pictures of the crash. The truth is in the details. Use all information available, including the best of technology, to best establish your case if you should need the services of a Cleveland car accident lawyer. 

  • Cleveland Car Accident Attorney: The Most Common Causes of Accidents

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    In 2010 alone, more than 32,000 people died tragically in car accidents in the United States. It’s a shocking number, but the reality is that the number of deaths per capita have decreased more than 35 percent since the 1970s, according to Wikipedia. That’s good news, but not nearly good enough. Any call to a Cleveland car accident attorney is one too many. Often, the cause of a car accident is minor, a simple distraction, weariness or bad weather, but the consequences can mean life or death.

    Cleveland Car Accident Attorney: The Most Common Causes of Accidents

    Wheel Distraction

    Ask any Cleveland car accident attorney. Most car accidents that find their way to court were caused by a simple distraction, swiping at a fly, fiddling with the MP3 player, answering a cell phone or texting in nose to nose traffic. Driving a one ton piece of metal is no passive activity. Stay alert, and eliminate distraction that comes between you and the road. Staying focused can save a life.

    Driving Drowsiness

    One other primary cause of accidents is driver fatigue. Coffee and caffeinated soda can do wonders on long trips. In cold weather, it may be tempting to stoke the heater, but pay attention to how sleepy it makes you. Fresh air and an open window go a long way towards keeping you alert. Above all, don’t be afraid to pull over and take a rest. Even a 15 to 20 minute shut eye can make all the difference.

    Listen to the Weather

    Sometimes the weather is trying to tell you something. Pouring rain or snowy roads are the perfect excuse to curl up on the couch where it’s safe and warm, not in a ditch, or worse yet, an emergency room. Save yourself a call to a Cleveland car accident attorney by keeping on the side of safety and comfort.

  • Advice from a Cleveland Nursing Home Injury Lawyer: Cautiously Research Your Care Facility

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    Want to protect your loved on from nursing home abuse? Proactively do your research before choosing a care facility. With budget cuts, rising healthcare costs and dwindling resources for services, you’ll find that not all nursing homes are created equal. Those that make cuts inevitably neglect the care of their residents. Make sure your loved one gets the best care possible. Struggling facilities are often easy to spot provided you know the warning signs. Take this advice from the desk of a Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer. Always find out the following about your nursing home facility.Advice from a Cleveland Nursing Home Injury Lawyer: Cautiously Research Your Care Facility

    Official Statistics

    Nursing homes are required to keep statistics on the care of their residents. This information is easily available to anyone who asks. Medicare compiles nursing home care ratings, and is a great resource for any family. These start with a star system, but you’ll need to go beyond the surface to get the real details. Check through health inspections and staffing reports. If you discover citations, note what the citations are for, as some are more serious than others. Pay attention to medication errors, as this is a sure sign of potential nursing home neglect that may result in a call to a Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer.

    Contact The State Ombudsman or Licensing Agency

    Don’t forget to overturn all the stones. Contact your state ombudsman or licensing agency to find out if any reports have been made against the facility. Are they properly licensed, and has this license ever been compromised in any way?

    Also, look into whether or not the nursing home has the exact care requirements necessary to care for your loved one. Are they specialized in Alzheimer’s Disease, schizophrenia or any other condition your loved one may suffer from? Ensuring the facility has the proper resources for your loved one’s condition can prevent future neglect as well as a call to a Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer.