• When Pedestrians are Injured – Contact a Car Accident Attorney in Cleveland

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    You don’t necessarily have to be in a car to be injured in a car accident. Countless of innocent pedestrians are injured or killed every day, often simply by crossing the street. In fact, nearly 70,000 pedestrians are victims of car accidents every year. Since there is no metal car body to absorb the impact, the injuries can often be very severe if not fatal. Injured pedestrians may require the legal services of a car accident attorney in Cleveland to advocate for their rights.

    The Right of Waycrosswalk and pedestrian

    Pedestrians always have the right of way, whether they are walking in a cross walk or not. If you are crossing the street, the motorist has the duty to give you the right of way and let you cross. Though you are in the legal right, however, keep in mind that jaywalking is dangerous, and could well result in citation or injury.

    Areas of Increased Care

    Some areas, such as residential areas or schools, require an extra level of care on the part of the driver. If you are run over or hit by a driver using excessive speed in these areas, the experience of your car accident attorney in Cleveland will use the location of the accident to your advantage in seeking a claim.

    Parked Motorists

    Motorists will often park by the side of the road or on the median when conducting repairs, navigating or talking on a cell phone to seek on the road service. When they get out of their car, they become pedestrians and should be given the same right of way as any other pedestrian. If they become the victim of a car accident, an experienced car accident attorney in Cleveland can advocate for their rights as a pedestrian.

    Emergency Vehicles Roadside

    When approaching a broken down vehicle and/or a police or emergency vehicle on the side of the highway, it is the responsibility of the motorists to either move over to the next lane or slow down their speed as they pass the vehicles. Both are required safeguards against negligently harming the pedestrians involved.

  • Cleveland Birth Injury Attorney: When the Mother Is Hurt

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    Babies aren’t the only victims of birth injury. When things go wrong, the mother can be just as vulnerable. Birth injuries affecting the mother can include fissures, vaginal tears, infections, improper sewing following episiotomy or a Caesarean, and issues involving excessive bleeding. Any one of these instances could require the advocacy of a birth injury attorney in Cleveland. Let’s talk about some of the more common reasons to consult a professional birth injury attorney in Cleveland.

    Vaginal Tears

    If a baby’s head is too large, the birth can result in a tear in the skin or muscle on or near the vagina, usually around the perineum – the area between the anus and the vagina. It’s very common in a breech birth when the baby is born feet first. It can also result if the mother has too much difficulty pushing the baby out. These tears are often minor and heal quickly, but if not dealt with adequately by the hospital, can lead to serious long term issues. If serious damage has been done, it may be due to incompetence and requires the advice of a birth injury attorney in Cleveland.


    Infections are easy to avoid with proper hygiene, so there is little excuse if serious infections occur in a birth in today’s modern world of sanitization. They can result in a longer hospital stay, or in worse cases, lead to illness that in rare cases can be life threatening.

    Improper Caesarean

    Caesarean births are usually done in the instance of a breech birth or if a vaginal birth isn’t possible due to the size of the baby. Some mothers simply elect to do Caesarean births out of simplicity. In most cases, they are successful, but do risk excessive bleeding and infection. Depending on how serious, complications due to an improper Caesarean may require the consultation of a qualified birth injury attorney in Cleveland.

  • Advice of an Experienced Nursing Home Injury Attorney in Cleveland: 
Involve the Family in Your Loved One’s Life

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    Ask any nursing home injury attorney in Cleveland. Families have more power than they think when it comes to the care of their loved ones. Get involved, and that means more than occasional visits and sugar free cookies. Signs of depression can often be alleviated just by letting them know they are loved and valued. Of course, serious health problems can be an indication of inadequate care of the facility, and never be afraid to address these concerns with staff. Most often, however, it’s simply a matter of paying more attention and getting the loved one out more, and doesn’t require the services of a nursing home injury attorney in Cleveland.

    Simple Exercise

    Encourage your loved one to exercise as they are able. This could be a simple walk, if they are healthy enough, or a game of chair volley ball. Exercise with light weights can greatly improve muscle tone, even if your loved one is bed ridden. Look into the available exercise programs offered at the nursing home facility. This can be essential not only for physical health, but mental processing as well.

    Field Trips

    If your loved one is independent and mobile, be sure to take them on special trips to the local nursery or gardens, perhaps an art museum, or a picnic in the park. Being cooped up in the care facility can add to depression, which can also have serious effects on their physical health as well.

    Invite the Children

    Children can have wonderful effects on the emotions of the aged. Their interactions are invaluable. Kids can add a special spirit to the entire nursing home, and gain a valuable educational experience as well.

    Never Ignore Obvious Signs of Distress

    Of course, some signs of distress are beyond the care of the family. If you notice signs of neglect or abuse, address your concerns directly to the facility management. If the care does not improve, you may want to consult a nursing home injury attorney in Cleveland. Sometimes that simple call is the best way for a family to show they care.