• For a Lifetime of Care Required for Your Child – Begin by Consulting a Birth Injury Lawyer in Cleveland

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    While some birth injuries heal quickly, others will affect the child for the rest of his or her life. That’s why it is so very important to immediately consult a birth injury lawyer in Cleveland. Litigation is not about revenge, but providing the lifelong care of your child, which could prove to be substantial. Advocate for your child’s future now by having that conversation with a birth injury lawyer in Cleveland today.

    Ongoing Medical Care

    Birth injury lawyer

    Children who have suffered a birth injury may require a lifetime of medical care or office visits. They may also require expensive and ongoing surgery or medications. Considering the state of today’s healthcare system in America, this can prove to be quite costly. Any settlement sought by a birth injury lawyer in Cleveland should reflect the cost of lifelong care.

    Staff Support

    If your child will require the daily care of lifelong attendants to support his or her life, this should also be reflected in the level of litigation sought. Personal care attendants may need to work with your child 24/7.

    Ongoing Therapy

    Depending on the birth injury, your child may require a lifetime of therapy. They may require physical therapists to gain muscle tone and mobility, occupational therapists to help them land a job and career, or speech therapists to communicate. You may also need to hire psychologists as well. The care will most evidently become quite expensive, which is why it is vital that you speak with a birth injury lawyer in Cleveland as soon as possible.

    Housing Accommodations

    Your child may require special housing that accommodates wheel chairs, or shower and bathroom facilities for the handicap. Doors and hallways may need to be widened to accommodate their wheelchair. You may need to make these improvements to your own home in the near future. Talk to a birth injury lawyer in Cleveland about what needs to be done.

  • The Assessment of Risk and Decision to Consult a Nursing Home Injury Lawyer in Cleveland

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    The sad fact about nursing home injury is that it is quite preventable. Aging people naturally have health problems, but when an injury is the direct sign of abuse or neglect, something must be done, not only for that individual, but for his and her neighbors who also depend on that facility. When you advocate for a loved on by consulting a nursing home injury lawyer in Cleveland, you advocate for his or her friends and neighbors as well. Nobody lives in a vacuum, which makes preventing nursing home injury everyone’s responsibility. Let’s examine the different levels of risk that may lead to nursing home injury.

    Facility Risk Factors

    Unfortunately, we live in an era of budget cuts and cutting corners, which has a direct impact on the life and care of your loved one in a skilled nursing facility. Ask any nursing home injury lawyer in Cleveland. Countless studies clearly show that poor staffing contributes greatly to the risk of neglect and oftentimes abuse. The more staff turnover, the smaller the staff and the general culture of the facility can greatly contribute to burnout, which has a considerably adverse effect on the residents. Watch for signs of under-staffing, as well as the overall mood and disposition of the staff. Do they have enough people to properly handle the proper care of the residents?

    Relationship Risk Contributors

    Pay attention to the interactions between your loved one and their care providers. Do they treat them with respect and compassion, acting in a nurturing way, or are they irritated and overworked? Don’t always take the staff at face value, either. They could just be putting on a good front in order to impress you or, because you may be paying the bill. Talk to your loved one about how he or she is treated. Often, you can sense instances of abuse or negligence simply because you know them so well. If you have your concerns, don’t delay and consult a nursing home injury lawyer in Cleveland.