• Signs of Cerebral Palsy and When to Contact a Birth Injury Attorney in Cleveland

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    Cerebral palsy affects the brain’s ability to control motor function, and is usually first noticeable in the beginning stages of development. It’s a lifelong disease that can require continual nursing care, which is why it’s so important to consult a birth injury attorney in Cleveland if your child is affected. He or she may require expensive services throughout their adult lives, even long after you yourself have passed on. Spotting the disease early is crucial, allowing your attorney to prepare the best case in order to win a settlement to provide for the care of your child.

    cerebral palsy injury

    Motor Skills

    One of the first ways to spot cerebral palsy is through underdeveloped motor skills, especially in the hands and fingers. The child may have difficulty holding onto small objects, such as using scissors or holding a pencil or crayon to write or draw. This especially true for children over 5. Do they have trouble with simple tasks like buttoning their own shirts or opening doors? These are important signs that your child needs to be tested for cerebral palsy.

    Rigid Muscles

    Children with cerebral palsy also display excessive muscle tone. Their hands may always maintain a fist, or they may walk while keeping their heels still on the floor. The child may develop unusual postures, and movements which are often stiff and rigid. Any similar symptoms are a good reason to contact a birth injury attorney in Cleveland.


    Children with cerebral palsy may also display involuntary shaking or jerking of the limbs or extremities. This is a sign of ataxic cerebral palsy, often known for its “intention tremors” in which a person experiences trembling simply by thinking of an intended task.

    Any one of these signs is a reason to immediately contact your doctor as well as a birth injury attorney in Cleveland. Advocacy must begin immediately, for the sake of your child’s health as well as his or her financial future.

  • Nursing Home Injury Attorney in Cleveland Advises: Don’t Agree to Arbitrate Your Way Out of Court

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    Ask any nursing home injury attorney in Cleveland. Too many families sign away their right to legal protection in court, often on the first page of the nursing home contract. Often tucked into stacks of admission papers is an innocent legal agreement asking you to agree to arbitrate disputes, if any arise, rather than going to court. It’s an easy way to lose the ability to protect or advocate for your loved one, and it’s accomplished with one simple signature, usually stacked behind other legitimate contract agreements so you don’t even realize what you’re doing. Too often families learn the hard way once a nursing home injury attorney in Cleveland explains that his or her hands are tied because of this very agreement.

    Nursery Home Injury LawyerIdeally, it’s best to first go over a contract with a nursing home injury attorney in Cleveland before signing your name to the dotted line. He or she can go over the various provisions and explain exactly what they mean. They can also be on the look out for wording that doesn’t seem to mean anything on paper but can cost you the world in court. Even if you do not first consult with a nursing home injury attorney in Cleveland, always be on the lookout for any language involving arbitration and giving up your right to a courtroom. You’ll thank yourself later for the sake of your loved one.

    If you did end up signing any agreement do arbitrate over going to court. You have 30 days to rescind the agreement.Talk to a nursing home injury attorney in Cleveland to discuss your rights and how to get the best legal protection for your loved one.

  • Brain Injury Attorney in Cleveland: Healing Begins the Rest of Your Life

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    Life following a brain injury is really a new beginning, not the end of life itself. Granted, life will forever be changed, but it does continue and people do heal and learn to enjoy living again. Talk to a brain injury attorney in Cleveland about the different community resources for healing and moving forward. Brain injury is their business, and they will know the best sources for you to contact.

    Setbacks Happenbrain injury attorney Cleveland

    No brain injury attorney in Cleveland would tell you otherwise – setbacks ultimately happen as part of the healing process. Starting life over again isn’t ever easy. Brain injury is a chronic disease that brings new problems and challenges. Be prepared for your loved one to lose some of the freedom they had from their previous life, but be patient. It may take time to adjust. Two steps forward and one step back is the new recovery tango.

    Caregivers Need to Care for Themselves, Too

    As a caregiver of a person with a brain injury, you need to take time to care for yourself, as well. Continual care is not easy for either party. You’ve taken the very best first step in the process by contacting a qualified brain injury attorney in Cleveland, who will advocate for your loved one. Now you’ve got to care for them, and there will naturally be stress along the way. Arrange to get away at regular intervals. A weekend away can do wonders. Take some time away to walk or read a book. It will ease your stress, and ultimately, allow you to be more caring toward your loved one when you are together.

    Everyone Needs Training

    Taking care of a loved one with a brain injury requires special educational training. You won’t need to go to the extent of medical training; however, you’ll continually need to learn, especially if your loved one begins to make progress, which naturally leads to new challenges. Be willing to ask for help and training. Your brain injury attorney in Cleveland should be able to direct you available local community assistance. In fact, there are organizations in some areas which offer free training classes to help families such as yours.