• Weighing the Costs of a Birth Injury with a Lawyer in Cleveland

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    Ask any birth injury lawyer in Cleveland – birth injuries require high dollar amounts and a great amount of expertise is required to determine the ultimate cost of a birth injury. This requires the hiring of such experts as rehabilitation experts and economists. Damage awards can vary according to state and jurisdiction. The best way to determine how expensive a birth injury will be is to consult with a birth injury lawyer in Cleveland. Here are a few metrics to consider.

    Birth-Injuries-Cerebral-PalsyPunitive Damages

    These are awarded in order to punish the offender and hopefully deter others from following in his or her footsteps. Punitive damages can be difficult to award for a birth injury, mainly because you have to prove that the birth injury was malicious or intentional, or a result of outright malpractice.

    Damage for Mental Suffering and Physical Pain

    Other damages can be awarded based on the mental suffering or physical pain inflicted by the birth injury. In many states, there are limits on how much can be awarded. Nevertheless, it’s important to discuss this with your birth injury lawyer in Cleveland, not only concerning the lifelong care expenses, but the emotional toll as well.

    Economic Justice and Financial Security of the Child

    There are a number of expenses your child will face throughout his or her lifetime that will need to be considered. This can include medical care, rehabilitation, nursing assistance and lost wages. Your child may not be able to hold down a job as an adult, or may require various amounts of assistance in order to do so. These are perhaps the most crucial reasons to consult a birth injury attorney in Cleveland. It’s not about revenge. It’s about the financial security and care of your child, perhaps even long after your gone. Advocate for them now by calling a birth injury attorney in Cleveland.