• Birth Injury Lawyer Cleveland: The Psychological Effects of a Traumatic Birth

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    As a child’s first experience, birth, has an inevitable emotional impact. When something goes wrong, say a prolonged birth or the baby becoming choked on the umbilical cord, for example, birth can easily become traumatic, and this can have a lasting psychological impact on the baby. When consulting a birth injury lawyer, Cleveland, remember to consider the psychological health of the baby as well in the overall assessment.

    Studies show that children who have undergone traumatic births are more prone to aggression, anxiety and depression than those who experienced an easy birth. At birth, the child’s mind is purely unconscious. The natural process of being misplaced from a warm and comforting womb is naturally stressful, but in a life threatening condition, that unconscious mind must first experience trauma, which can vastly shape the way the brain responds to stress. Added to this burden is the mother’s own stress, to which the baby is psychologically and emotionally linked, creates an enormous stress response that may affect the baby for the rest of their life. A good birth injury lawyer in Cleveland will certainly consider any mental trauma when making an assessment.

    Yet there is hope for children who grow up with anxiety resulting from a traumatic birth. Modern psychological therapies such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and AIT (Advanced Integrative Therapy) can help rewire and heal children’s brains, but they are naturally expensive. Talk to a birth injury lawyer Cleveland to consider all of your options. As you would expect, your child will need extensive resources. A birth injury lawyer Cleveland can best prepare a case that secures your child’s future.

  • How Recessions Affect the Need for a Nursing Home Injury Lawyer in Cleveland

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    Recessions affect the entire country, but the elderly can be hit especially the hardest. They often depend on the very governmental services that get put on the chopping block first. The state of New York, for instance, has taken to shutting down a number of nursing homes, and many city and county governments around the country are considering doing the same. There simply aren’t enough beds. Sadly, these kind of depressed conditions are impacting the care that the seniors receive, and many families for the first time are contacting a nursing home injury lawyer in Cleveland to advocate for their loved ones rights.

    On top of limited social funds, healthcare is going through the roof, which further impacts the nursing home industry in a multitude of ways. Stretched down to the wire of their budgets, nursing homes are often forced to cut the level of care their residents receive, resulting in fewer checkups by staff, less custodial work and an overall degraded level of care. Further, overworked staff may often neglect the care of the residents, resulting in over or under medication, inattention, or less than sanitary living conditions which often need the advocacy of a nursing home injury lawyer in Cleveland.

    If your loved one isn’t getting the care he or she needs, however, at least they have family that can advocate for them. Do something about it, and consult a nursing home injury lawyer in Cleveland to advocate on your behalf. Remember, this is more than just about your loved one, but your loved one’s entire community. If nobody does something about dismal conditions, your loved one suffers, but also his or her neighbors. Be the lifeline of your loved one, not only for their sake, but the entire community.