• Cleveland Birth Injury Lawyer: The Lasting Effects of a Traumatic Birth

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    As a child’s first experience, birth has an inevitable emotional impact. When something goes wrong, say a prolonged birth or the baby chokes on an umbilical cord, for example, birth can quickly become traumatic, which can have a lasting psychological impact. When consulting a birth injury lawyer Cleveland, remember to consider the psychological health of the baby as well in the assessment.

    Studies show that children who have undergone traumatic births are more prone to aggression, anxiety and depression than those who experienced an easy birth. At birth, the child’s mind is purely unconscious. The process of being misplaced from a warm and comforting womb is naturally stressful, but in a life threatening condition, that unconscious mind must first experience trauma, which can vastly shape the way the brain responds to stress. Added to this burden is the mother’s own stress, to which the baby is psychologically and emotionally linked, creating an enormous stress response that can affect the baby for the rest of its life. A good birth injury lawyer Cleveland will certainly consider any mental trauma when making an assessment.

    Yet there is hope for children who grow up with anxiety resulting from a traumatic birth. Modern psychological therapies such asĀ  EMDR [Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing], EFT [Emotional Freedom Technique], and AIT [Advanced Integrative Therapy] can help rewire and heal children’s brains, but they are often expensive. Talk to a birth injury lawyer Cleveland to consider all options. Your child will naturally need extensive resources. A birth injury lawyer Cleveland can best prepare a case that secures your child’s future.

  • The Assessment of Risk and When to Consult a Nursing Home Injury Lawyer in Cleveland

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    The sad fact about nursing home injury is that it is many times quite preventable. Aging people naturally have health problems, but when an injury is the direct sign of abuse or neglect, something must be done, not only for that individual, but for his and her neighbors who also depend on that facility. When you advocate for a loved on by consulting a nursing home injury lawyer in Cleveland, you advocate for his or her friends and neighbors as well. Nobody lives in a vacuum, which makes preventing nursing home injury everyone’s responsibility. Let’s examine the different levels of risk that may lead to nursing home injury.

    Facility Risk Factors

    Unfortunately, we live in an era of budget cuts and cutting corners, which has a direct impact on the life and care of your loved one. Ask any nursing home injury lawyer in Cleveland. Countless studies clearly show that poor staffing contribute greatly to the risk of neglect and even abuse. The more staff turnover, the smaller the staff and the general culture of the facility can greatly contribute to burnout, which has a considerably adverse effect on the residents. Watch for signs of under-staffing, as well as the overall mood and disposition of the staff. Do they have enough people to properly handle the care of the residents?

    Relationship Risk Contributors

    Pay attention to the interactions between your loved one and the care providers. Do they treat the resident as a human being with respect, and act in a nurturing way or are they irritated and overworked? Don’t always take the staff at face value, either. They could just be putting on a good front because you may be paying the bill. Talk to your loved one personally and find out exactly how he or she is being treated. Often, you can sense instances of abuse or negligence simply because you know them so well. If you have your concerns, always consult a nursing home injury lawyer in Cleveland.

  • Ask a Car Accident Lawyer in Cleveland: What Drunk Driving Victims Need to Know

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    If you’ve been the victim of a drunk driver, realize that your case needs to be treated like no other car accident. Drunk driving cases involve special legal circumstances that could result in a larger award or other compensation. Talk to a car accident lawyer in Cleveland, and be aware of the special circumstances of your case. It’s a matter of bringing those responsible to justice.

    Drunk Drivers Face Criminal as Well as Civil Punishments

    Drunk drivers face not only criminal charges such as fines, jail time or a loss of license, but they also face civil damages as well. Take them to court. Not only should they be held responsible, but you have medical bills to consider and possibly a lifetime of care expenses. You’ll need to be compensated from a loss of income, perhaps property damage, not to mention pain and suffering in the case of traumatic injuries. It’s another good reason to talk to a car accident lawyer in Cleveland.

    Restitution vs Civil Damages

    Judges can order that a drunk driver pay restitution damages to a victim, which works differently from civil damages. This is done to cover the economic expenses of the incident – perhaps lifelong care, loss of wages, property damage and medical bills. Often, restitution damages are substantially lower when compared to a personal injury claim. So it’s important that your car accident lawyer in Cleveland also file a personal injury claim as well.

    More than the Drunk Driver Can Be Liable

    In certain circumstances, particularly if the drunk driver is underage, other parties can be held liable as well. Dram Shop Liability laws provide legal penalties for the establishment or host that may have supplied the alcohol to the drunken driver. In some cases, they can be sued for damages, particularly if a minor is involved. Talk to your car accident lawyer in Cleveland to make sure all parties are held to the full extent of the law.