• Unreported Abuse and the Need to Call a Nursing Home Injury Lawyer Cleveland

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    Not all cases of nursing home abuse make the news. Surprisingly, abuse of the elderly is common, and many cases go unreported. Often, it’s simply a matter of no one spotting the signs of nursing home abuse, or taking the initiative to do something about it. Though the definitions of what constitutes abuse are wide ranging, and no federal entity currently collects data of abuse on a national basis, the NCEA report Elder Mistreatment: Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation in an Aging America has uncovered some startling statistics. About 1 to 2 million elderly people have been the victims of abuse and could make a case for the need to contact a nursing home injury lawyer Cleveland. Even more shocking, only 1 in 14 cases of nursing home abuse are reported to authorities.

    Abuse Affects the Community

    Cases of nursing home abuse typically are not isolated incidents. If you suspect your loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse, likely their friends and neighbors are victims too. This is because the  abuse is often the result of inadequate resources or care, not sadism. Taking initiative by calling a nursing home injury lawyer Cleveland protects not only your loved one, but every member of their community. It’s a responsibility that affects us all.

    Proactive Caring

    If you suspect nursing home abuse, take action. Don’t let your loved one and their neighbors become one of the 13 in 14 cases of nursing home abuse to go unreported. Call your nursing home injury lawyer Cleveland for a free consultation. They can decide the merits of your case and help create a legal plan. Only you can protect your love one in a court of law.

  • How Much Should a Birth Injury Lawyer Cleveland Ask For?

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    Bringing a child into the world should be a happy time. But for the estimated seven out of 1000 births that result in a birth injury, the experience can be traumatic for both mother and child. Nearly 28,000 babies a year are born with birth injuries in the US, and many of these are surprisingly preventable. Putting a price on the loss is simply impossible, but a court decision must be made. How much is too much to seek? The answer depends on many factors, and no settlement can replace the loss or pain your family may feel as a result. Nevertheless, there are practical factors to consider and discuss with your birth injury lawyer Cleveland.

    Birth injury is not something that can be appraised. This is your family’s life, and no one is able to place a firm price on it. What’s more important, however, is that a birth injury lawyer Cleveland should be able to calculate how much value a jury may place on it. If a jury finds that a doctor failed to meet the standard of care in a way that may have caused the birth injury, that jury is instructed to determine the award of the settlement.

    Though it is an emotional issue, any birth injury lawyer Cleveland knows that ultimately that amount comes down to math. Juries consider past medical expenses as well as future medical expenses, non-monetary damages and the cost of lifetime care that will be needed as a result of the birth injury. The jury simply adds up these costs, but a good birth injury lawyer Cleveland will be sure to evaluate your situation and help to bring every cost into perspective in exact detail to make certain the compensation is adequate for your child to have the best of care and live as full of a life as possible. Ultimately, it is your child’s future and happiness that makes the court room battle worth fighting in the first place.