• When is the Best Time to Call a Car Accident Attorney Cleveland?

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    The first year following a car accident is the most critical for building a case, so legal preparation ideally should happen right way. Your lawyer will need the freshest evidence in order to build the best case possible. Wait too long and it may be too late to do tests or collect samples that prove your position.

    When is the best time to call a car accident attorney Cleveland? The simple answer is right now. Why wait? Even if it is too soon to contact legal advice, its best to hear that from a lawyer’s lips in the first place. Being early means you write it on your calendar and form a legal strategy in the meantime. Being late means you can’’t turn back the clock. It is far worse to be late contact an attorney than it is to be early.

    Plus, it’s always good to have a legal professional in your corner. It can even be helpful in dealing with the insurance company. If they know you are represented by quality legal counsel, they are less likely to skim over important details. Get a car accident attorney Cleveland that knows the system and has the right connections to get you all you’re entitled to.

    Don’t wait to call a car accident attorney Cleveland. Check out our free consultation. You can’t turn back the hands of time, but you can move proactively forward towards a proper recovery.

  • Coma Misdiagnosis and Consulting a Brain Injury Attorney Cleveland

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    If your loved one has been the victim of a brain injury and lies in a coma, the good news is they might not be as unresponsive as they appear. Rom Houben was paralyzed in 1983. Doctors incorrectly diagnosed that he was in a deep coma and assumed he was unconscious the whole time. Only a reevaluation of his case in 2009 revealed that he was actually fully awake and aware of what was going on around him. He spent over 23 years trapped in a state of isolation because the world assumed he was entirely unconscious. Ask any brain injury attorney Cleveland. His case is far from uncommon. As new technologies make it possible for people in near coma like states to communicate, the medical world is realizing that many people diagnosed with comas area actually quite conscious and capable of leading engaging lives in the future.

    Mr. Houben describes the day he was able to communicate successfully again with doctors as “his second birth.” His example is just more proof that we should never give up on people afflicted with brain injuries who have slipped into comas. A study in 2009 by top neurological expert Dr Steven Laureys reveals that coma misdiagnosis can be surprisingly common. If your friend or family member lives in a comatose state, it is crucial you have them evaluated properly. In today’s healthcare system, that can be difficult to do, as insurance companies often don’t want to pay for it. It is critical that you work with a brain injury attorney Cleveland to ensure a proper diagnosis for the sake of your loved one and their long term care.