• The Danger of Cancer Misdiagnosis: Lawyer Cleveland

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    We may live in the modern age of medicine, but the American Journal of Medicine estimates that up to 15 percent of all medical cases are misdiagnosed. In cases of cancer, these instances of misdiagnosis can be deadly. Shockingly, according to the Journal of Clinical Oncology, up to 44 percent of some cancers are misdiagnosed. Sadly, most of these people will never know it and don’t even think to consult a cancer misdiagnosis lawyer Cleveland.

    Nearly a third of $2.7 trillion spent on medical care annually in the U.S. is wasted to misdiagnosis. But the real loss, of course, cannot be measured in dollars and cents. It’s the lives and health of our loved ones who must needlessly suffer because a cancer was not identified properly in time.

    Ask any cancer misdiagnosis lawyer Cleveland. There are a number of reasons behind the high percentage of medical misdiagnosis in this country. For starters, our healthcare system is highly fragmented. Every doctor you see keeps their own records. While this is changing as more hospitals embrace electronic records, it’s not happening fast enough. A lot ends up falling through the cracks.

    Second opinion

    Sometimes, a physician is simply too confident of their ability to diagnose. Once doctors make up their mind, it can be very difficult to change it, especially as their reputations are on the line. That’s why it is so critical to get a second opinion. Anyone can misdiagnose, so cross check your doctor and take notes.

    If you have been the victim of a misdiagnosis, it is critical you consult a cancer misdiagnosis lawyer Cleveland, not just for your own rights and advocacy, but for the sake of the community as well.


  • Ask a Nursing Home Injury Attorney Cleveland for Standards of Good Care

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    What makes a quality nursing home facility? Let’s start with a checklist. The California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform have their own recommendations. While nursing facilities are regulated according to each state with varying degrees of certifications, their list provides a good resource to start out from. Ensuring your loved ones have quality care may very well save you from having to hire a nursing home injury attorney Cleveland and advocate for your loved one in court.

    Basic Needs      

    Your loved one has the right to expect a reasonable accommodation of care and services. The staff should be open and willing to entertain reasonable requests, such as a preferred bathing time, adequate time outdoors and a healthy activity schedule.


    In most cases, the quality of care comes down to adequate staffing. Are there enough nurses and assistants on hand to handle the population of residents? There should be enough help and resources on hand not only to manage basic care, but provide healthy interactions and a welcoming social environment for your loved ones as well.

    Infection Control

    Germs can be deadly in nursing home facilities. Look into your loved ones facilities policies when it comes to germ protection. Are residents screened for tuberculosis? Are infection records maintained? What is the facility’s track record?

    Talk with your nursing home injury attorney Cleveland for other items to add to your checklist. Be proactive. The facility is your loved one’s home, their neighborhood and community. Do your research ahead of time to ensure they get the best care possible.

  • Ask a Brain Injury Lawyer Cleveland: Physical Exercise is Helpful to Mental Health

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    Looking for simple mental exercises to help your loved one recover from a brain injury? Forget the crossword puzzle. Tie on a pair of sneakers instead. Ask any doctor and we’re sure your brain injury lawyer Cleveland will agree – physical exercise plays just as important a role in recovery as cognitive therapy. A recent study from Williams, GP & Morris showed that brain injury recovery patients who exercised regularly made significant recovery gains. Exercise is good for the mind as well as the body. It helps to rebuild pathways in the brain, and in the process, reconstruct our lives and encourages a sense of wellbeing.

    Don’t expect to run a triathlon right out of the gate, however. For recovery patients of brain injury, patience is their greatest friend. Go easy on yourself. This is recovery after all. While regular exercise can put you on the path to your old self, it’s a journey that has only begun. Be patient. You are rewiring electrical pathways as you rebuild muscles, and you might not have the same strength, dexterity and agility as you did before. But you’ll improve one step at a time.

    If possible, be social with your exercise. Your brain injury lawyer Cleveland might have some advice on social groups you can join so you don’t have to exercise alone. Making friends can be a good motivator and is great for recovery. Encourage each other. Although mental exercise is of course a critical step to brain injury recovery, a good old fashioned workout can be just as good for the brain. Go ahead. Work up a sweat. You’ll find it’s good for the mind.