• Ask a Brain Injury Attorney Cleveland: Recovery Exercises You Can Try at Home

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    A good brain injury attorney Cleveland has expertise that goes beyond the courtroom. Though law is their profession, they live and breathe brain injury every day through interactions with clients. They see and experience a lot. And they know that those who recover most successfully from a brain injury don’t take their condition lightly. Exercise can be one of the best remedies for brain trauma. Take your recovery into your hands with these simple workouts (with the approval of your doctor) which you can do at home to help to rebuild brain muscles.

    The Kitchen Tile Strut Balance Building

    The good news is that brain exercises don’t need to be complicated or difficult in order to be effective. You can try this one right at home in your own kitchen. Bringing your feet together, simply walk the length of a kitchen tile line. Try to keep your balance, but be patient. It may take some practice, and that’s okay. The more you do it, the better you’ll be. Over time, you should continually regain your balance as your brain relearns and heals.

    The Sit Down/Get Up Shimmy

    All this exercise requires is a kitchen chair. Use the chair arm or table edge to give yourself leverage, and practice getting up and down. Keep your back straight against the chair, with both knees touching the legs. Slide all the way back so both cheeks touch the chair. Lift yourself up and down repeatedly. Overtime, you’ll regain your independence.

    Sofa Knee Bends

    Knee bends using the back of a sofa are good for rebuilding a key function of your brain. Remove all cushions if it’s easier and brings you closer to the floor. Lift yourself up and down, using the edge of the couch for support. This is a good exercise as it can easily be done watching TV in the comfort of your own living room. It’s so simple that you can put it to use most anywhere . . . even in the waiting room of your brain injury attorney Cleveland.

  • From the Files of a Nursing Home Injury Lawyer Cleveland: California’s Valley Springs Manor

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    Take it from a nursing home injury lawyer Cleveland. Dangerous and unhealthy living conditions at nursing homes are more common than most people realize. One recent example in the news is the Valley Springs Manor in Castro Valley, Calif. For a long time, the center had been scrutinized by the state for appalling sanitary conditions. Social services officials cited staff for giving a diabetic patient a sugar laced drink. Patients were found locked in their rooms for long periods of time. Medications were often handed out incorrectly. The entire facility was described as filthy, and beds and furniture were literally falling apart. The state did the right thing in shutting it down. Unfortunately, that is when the situation went from bad to nightmarish.

    After the nursing center’s closure, 14 residents were found to have been left unattended, without food, medication, or bathroom assistance for days on end. One elderly resident who frequently wandered off is still reported missing. “Apparently, most of the facility staff left behind reached a point where they felt they were unable to care for them,” stated Social Services spokesman Michael Weston.

    How did conditions debilitate into such a serious catastrophe? It was simply a manner of inadequate staffing, one of the most common reasons for a nursing home injury lawyer Cleveland to be called into litigation. While the Valley Springs Manor debacle is certainly an extreme case, inadequate help has become fairly common in the nursing home industry due to funding cuts. Take a good look at the staff available for your loved one. It’s the clearest measure for the quality of care they will receive.

  • Cleveland Birth Injury Lawyer and PTSD: A Birth Injury All too Common

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    Take it from a birth injury lawyer Cleveland – birth trauma comes in all shapes and sizes. You hear and read about the devastating results of birth malpractice all the time, from broken bones to fetal distress to cerebral palsy. But rarely is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) discussed. Yet it’s something that frequently occurs. Needless stress, particularly when it is the result of unthinking medical malpractice, can have an enduring emotional impact on both the mother and the infant.

    If you’ve experienced PTSD as part of your postpartum recovery, talk to your doctor and perhaps a therapist first. Then, be sure to consult a birth injury lawyer Cleveland. PTSD can be serious if left untreated, and like the result of any birth injury, may require time off work, financial resources, and counseling. You may be entitled to just compensation to help offset that expense.

    Every mother experiences a range of emotions following birth. Emotional ups and downs are a natural part of being a mother, but if the waves become too intense, seek help. Women in post-partum typically experience weepiness, anxiety, and depression. These also happen to be symptoms of PTSD. But women experiencing post-traumatic stress also tend to experience more severe symptoms like insomnia, birth nightmares, severe feeling of detachment, a consistent fear of imminent disaster, panic attacks, and a desire to avoid anything connected to the birth, including the baby.

    Again, if you are experiencing these symptoms, seek professional help. Talk to your doctor first and your birth injury lawyer Cleveland second. It’s okay to ask for help, both in the medical sense as well as the legal. Help is just another resource away, whether that simply means someone to talk to or someone to advocate your case in court. Do right by you and your family. Talk to a doctor and consider contacting an attorney.