• Ask a Cleveland Attorney: The Importance of Sleep in Recovering from a Brain Injury

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    An experienced brain injury attorney in Cleveland can assist you with more than pure legal advice and willing to help you on many levels in your recovery process. One of the most essential remedies for healing from a brain injury is sleep, and lots of it. Sleep helps preserve memories, and it serves to heal the brain. Studies have repeatedly shown that people deprived of sleep suffer memory problems, whether they’ve suffered a brain injury or not. For those who have suffered from a brain injury, good sleep is essential to recovering those memories and moving forward.

    The Importance of Naps and Sleeping In

    Naps are no sign of laziness; they are actually a necessary key to mental health and brain recovery. A recent study from the University of Australia found that older people are two-thirds less likely to suffer cognitive impairment if they take a daily nap. The study found that napping helped prevent cognitive decline. In contrast, sleeping less than six hours per night doubled the risk of cognitive impairment 10 years later. Those who suffered from daytime sleepiness were 2.5 times more likely to suffer cognitive impairment. The study recommended sleeping at least 6 to 9 hours per night with a daily 60 minute nap. Everyone’s sleep needs are different of course, but if you find yourself continually sleepy throughout the day, it may be a sign that you need to spend more time underneath the covers.

    Sleeping Tips

    • Go to bed when you’re sleepy. Don’t fight it, even if you face going to work in the morning or an unpleasant task the next day. You’ll feel much more refreshed and able to face the day with a good night’s sleep under your belt.
    • Avoid TV, surfing the Internet, and especially Facebook at least an hour before you plan to sleep. Screens only serve to stimulate the brain and can send your mind racing when you really need to be dreaming.
    • Keep your bedroom dark. Night lights are okay, but be sure they are dimmed. Turn the alarm clock away from your line of sight. It will only serve to make you anxious, and the light can stimulate your brain and subconsciously disrupt your sleep.

    Attorneys specializing in brain injuries are quick to understand the need for proper sleep and for good reason. Sleep heals your brain by recovering your memories and cognitive abilities. Sleep in and feel great about it. Dreams pave the road to recovery, a healthy mind and a happy life.

  • Ask a Cleveland Nursing Home Injury Attorney: The Importance of Oral Health

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    Ask any nursing home injury attorney in Cleveland. Nursing home abuse can take many forms, including something as simple as poor dental care. Residents more often than not, can go for extended periods without proper dental care, which can cause severe health consequences. This can result in extreme weight loss, and in some of the most severe cases, even pneumonia.

    Nursing homes are often understaffed, which means that dental care more often than not simply falls off the charts and to-do lists. Gum disease, cracked teeth, cavities or other oral health problems can cause tremendous pain for the residents and open their bodies to disease and infection. A number of studies have shown that the rising lack of proper dental care may be contributing to increase cases of pneumonia, the leading cause of death for elderly people in nursing home care.

    Check to see what sort of dental care your loved one is being provided. Some facilities include dental hygienists to care for their residents, while others let it fall to the wayside. Regular checkups and cleanings are important, especially when it comes to the elderly who typically suffer from the highest percentage of dental problems.

    Medicare typically does not cover dental work, though some Medicaid programs do. Check to see if your loved one qualifies. There are also social dental care programs available that do free or reduced cost services for children and the elderly. Check to see if these are available for your loved one in a nursing home.

    Dental health is an often overlooked problem when it comes to nursing home care, especially in the face of industry cutbacks. If your loved one suffers from bad oral health due to negligence, contact a lawyer in Cleveland specializing in nursing home cases. Severe instances may need to be pursued in court for the sake of your loved one.

  • Information from a Cleveland Spinal Injury Lawyer: The Long Term Repercussions of Injury

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    More than 40 million people suffer from spinal injury every year, and many of these people will suffer lifelong devastating consequences. Considering the many ways your life will be impacted is important when consulting with a Cleveland spinal injury lawyer, especially when it comes to determining the level of care that will be needed for the rest of your life. Let’s consider the various ways a spinal injury will permanently affect your life.

    Life Expectancy

    Mortality rates are typically highest in the first year after the injury, and most people can expect to see their lives shortened by 10 percent, on average. Respiratory complications are the most common death risks for spinal injuries, second only to cardiovascular events. Suicide is also a concern. Mental health services are essential when it comes to recovering and living with a spinal injury.

    Cardiovascular Problems

    Severe spinal cord injuries may result in autonomic dysreflexia, which manifests in the loss of coordinated autonomic responses to demands on heart rate and vascular tone. About 20 to 70 percent of patients with spinal injuries above T6 suffer from this phenomenon.

    Heart Disease

    Low levels of high-density lipoproteins and elevated low-density lipoprotein cholesterol are common in people suffering from spinal injury. It commonly results from increased weight and inactivity. Exercise can help lessen this risk. Hand cycling, swimming, and electrical stimulation of muscles can be effective therapy.

    Urinary Problems

    Spinal injuries can result in bladder dysfunction, which is further complicated by infections. Urologic evaluation with regular checkups is essential for patients of spinal cord injury.

    Discuss other possible health challenges with a doctor and your spinal injury legal team. Determining the amount of lifelong care that will be necessary is essential when it comes to deciding the amount of compensation to seek.