• Cleveland Car Accident Lawyer: When the Victim is a Pedestrian

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    The sad truth is you don’t have to actually be a passenger in a car to be the victim of a car accident. All too often, the victims are pedestrians. And they rarely walk away without injury. Indeed, the injuries are more pronounced and likely to be critical, simply because they did not have the protective body of a car to ease the blow of the crash. Liability is not always cut and dry, and in fact, in many cases, the pedestrian may be held partially at fault or even fully at fault for the accident, depending on the circumstances. It is critical in these instances to work with a car accident lawyer Cleveland, even if you were only an innocent pedestrian caught in harm’s way.

    You’ll Likely Face an Insurance Company in Court

    If you’re a pedestrian who has been injured in a car accident, most likely the other party you’ll face in court will be the insurance company. It is critical to understand how the insurance adjuster will approach your case. Some will attempt to offer a settlement based on a daily rate, as well as additions for special and general damages. This will allow for negotiation, which is why it is critical to be working with your own legal counsel in pursuing your case.

    The amount awarded will also depend on the severity of your injuries, missed work, medical care expenses, the impact your injuries have on your life, and the likelihood for a full recovery. You’ll also want to consider how the accident will impact your ability to make a living in the future, as well as care for yourself and your family. Talk to a lawyer who understands car accidents about the full range of costs and concerns to consider.

  • Cleveland Brain Injury Attorney: Healing from a Brain Injury

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    Not every head injury is a brain injury, and it’s important to know when you’ve been the victim of a brain injury –  as the effects can be more lasting and require more intensive treatment. Severity of the brain injury can vary according to the individual, but it’s critical to address its nature early in the injury so that proper treatment may be established in order to allow healing to happen. If you’ve been the victim of a brain injury, talk to both a doctor and a brain injury attorney Cleveland to determine the best strategy for getting back on your feet.

    Realize You’re Not Alone

    More than 1.5 million people are affected by brain injury every year. Approximately 50,000 people die annually as a result of brain injury. If you or a loved one has suffered brain injury, there are support programs you can join to help you learn how to live with a brain injury and share with others who have suffered similar predicaments. You will likely need to relearn many parts of your life, but there is help. Time is a necessary part of the healing process.

    Severity and Longevity of Brain Injuries Vary

    Brain injuries come in all shapes and sizes. Some are severe and lifelong. Others are minor and heal over time. Brain injury victims typically experience headaches, memory problems, nausea and confusion. Most people can make a good recovery, though it may often take several years for life to get back to feeling normal again.

    Seeking Help

    Recovery requires help, both medically as well as legally. You’ll need to consult with a doctor to find the best recovery approach and treatment plan, but you’ll also need to talk with an attorney who specializes in brain injury to determine your strategy in court. You may require lifelong care. If someone was responsible for your brain injury, they need to be held accountable. And you need the financial security to be able to begin your life again.

  • Ask a Cleveland Birth Injury Attorney: Are C-Sections Worth the Risk?

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    A recent study estimated that the U.S. wastes billions of dollars annually on unnecessary c-sections. At roughly $20,000 per birth (compared to roughly $11,500 for a vaginal pregnancy), c-sections simply put, earn hospitals more money. And while there are legitimate reasons for requiring a c-section that could likely avoid birth injury, too often it is done for the wrong reasons and may actually cause a birth injury and end up on the client list of a Cleveland birth injury attorney. Will your birth require a c-section, or is it merely an unnecessary yet dangerous elective done only to speed up a birth, or even just to earn doctors more money? Know the facts and be prepared before you enter the delivery room.

    The American Pregnancy Association lists a number of legitimate reasons as to why a c-section may be needed. These include:

    • Placenta previa, when the placenta lies low in the uterus and partially or completely covers the cervix, as is the case in about 1 in every 200 pregnant women during the third trimester;
    • Uterine rupture, which can lead to hemorrhaging in the mother that can cut off the baby’s oxygen supply and cause serious birth injury;
    • Cord pro-lapse, when the umbilical cord becomes wrapped around the baby’s head and cuts off supply;
    • Diabetes
    • Active genital herpes.
    • A c-section may also be required if the child has been diagnosed with certain birth defects and a simpler birth would improve the outcome.

    As any attorney specializing in birth injury knows, c-sections are not without their risks, however. Babies can be cut, or asphyxiate if the medical staff has difficulty removing the infant. Statistics indicate that babies born by cesarean are more prone to respiratory distress or asthma, and face a greater risk of obesity. For mothers who have already undergone a cesarean, second or third births face greater risk due to the presence of a surgical scar. If you underwent an unnecessary c-section that put your baby at risk or caused undue harm, it may be time to consult a birth injury attorney.