• Reasons to Hire a Cleveland Car Accident Attorney

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    Car accidents can be life changing events. As such, someone needs to be held responsible, not out of revenge, but for the simple reason that lives need to be repaired. Your ability to work may be severely interrupted as a result of the accident, or you may face expensive medical bills and outpatient therapy. There are any number of reasons why you may require a car accident attorney Cleveland. Making the decision to contact one can make all the difference between healing and getting on with your life.

    Time May Be Limited

    Realize that most states have statute of limitations that require you to file an accident claim within two years. If you miss that window, you may relinquish your right to a day in court. In addition, critical evidence to your case may be difficult to establish the longer you wait.

    Insurance Companies Protect their Business Interests

    The insurance company looks at your case in terms of dollar signs. They’re looking to keep costs down to reduce their overhead. You and your insurance company aren’t always interested in the same results. Work with an attorney who specializes in car accidents, and you’ll gain the same legal leverage as the insurance companies.

    Settlements are Complicated

    Most cases are settled outside of court, with an offer made by the defendant or his or her insurance company. These settlements can be legally complicated, and it can be difficult to understand if the offer you are getting is really fair and in your best interest, or if you should hold out for something else. An attorney can help you best understand your options.

  • Brain Injury Recovery and When to Talk to a Brain Injury Lawyer Cleveland

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    How do you tell if you’re the victim of serious brain injury or merely a passing concussion? As any brain injury lawyer Cleveland will tell you, brain injuries can range from mild to severe. Victims of moderate brain injury typically lose consciousness anywhere from 20 minutes to six hours, and rank on the Glasgow Coma Scale of 9 to 12. Severe brain injury typically results from a loss of consciousness longer than six hours and ranks on the Glasgow Coma Scale on a 3 to 8.

    The severity of the brain injury can depend on how long you were unconscious and how quickly and completely you were able to recover. Your ability to bounce back can depend on the resources you have for your therapy, what sort of friend or family interactions you’re able to have, and what definition of recovery you hope to attain. Above all, be patient. Healing must come gradually. You’ll have to begin your life over again, but the recovery process begins one day at a time.

    Victims of brain injury typically have more trouble concentrating on simple tasks than before. They may have a shorter attention span and be easily distracted. They may suffer memory problems and have difficulty processing language. They may have difficulty speaking or being understood, speak slowly or have slurred speech, and may suffer problems reading or writing. If you think you’re the victim of a brain injury, talk to a doctor as well as a lawyer specializing in brain injury. Recovery can begin only when you’ve reached out for help.