• Detecting Birth Injury and When to Contact a Cleveland Birth Injury Lawyer

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    A birth injury can be difficult to detect, but it could have lasting impacts on your child’s life. Some are minor and have little effect on the baby’s development; others will require lifelong care and perhaps rehabilitation. If you suspect your child’s birth may have resulted in injury, contact a Cleveland birth injury lawyer like Linton Law Firm to obtain a professional assessment.

    An injured child may exhibit the following symptoms of birth injury:

    • mobility problems
    • eyes with a tendancy to look downward
    • floppy muscle mass
    • limp appendages
    • poor coordination and muscle control
    • irritability
    • unresponsiveness to feelings in arms, hands
    • inability to control muscles in the arm, hand, or wrist

    Types of Birth Injuries

    Birth injuries can vary greatly, but often involve the cut off of oxygen to the baby at some point in the birth, torn ligaments or fractures that result from attempts to extract the baby, or complications from a C-section or other birth interventions. Cerebral palsy, for example, is a neurological disorder that generally appears during infancy or early childhood. Its effects on body movement and coordination are life-long, but the condition normally does not get worse over time. The condition results from damage to the brain that controls muscle coordination.

    Hypertonia is a condition of increased need for resting activity with a resistance for stretching. Uterine rupture, which can be fatal to both mother and child, results from the separation of the uterine wall and the overlying serosa.

    If you suspect a birth injury, contact The Linton Law firm for your free consultation with a Cleveland birth injury lawyer. They handle all types of birth injury with a proven record of favorable settlements won for clients.