• Healing from a Brain Injury and Contacting a Cleveland Brain Injury Attorney

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    A brain injury is typically defined as a head impact that results in a disruption in brain functioning. It’s a life changing event often beyond our control, but that doesn’t mean we are powerless in recovery. As part of the body, the brain can heal. It is how we treat our injury and recovery that will ultimately decide our independence as we learn to live with these new challenges. The earlier the healing process can begin, the better. Most Cleveland brain injury attorneys will tell you they see the most independence in the clients who take a proactive approach to their treatment.

    The fastest improvements can typically be made within the first six months of an injury. It may be difficult now, but it gets better and easier over time as the mind heals. More recovery and independence can be made over the next two years following an injury, though healing times may slow and not appear as dramatic as those first six months. Don’t be dismayed if you continue to have problems. Improvements can be made with hard work and diligence, although the challenges of a brain injury are something you’ll be likely to deal with the rest of your life.

    Keep in mind, you should have control over your own recovery. One of the most important healing tools you have is exercise. Physical exercise has been found to help in the preservation of brain function among the elderly, people who have suffered a brain injury, as well as people suffering from dementia. Cognitive exercises are also beneficial. These can be as simple as reading, practicing arithmetic or solving cognitive puzzles. If you live near a university, consider observing a math class and taking part in such exercises.

    Recovery is only part of the healing process. Talk to a Cleveland brain injury lawyer at The Linton Law Firm to decide your best legal recourse. Heal your mind, but secure a financial future to support your new life. Litigation can be the answer to the financial independence that is so very vital to your recovery.

  • Nursing Home Falls and When to Consult a Cleveland Nursing Home Injury Lawyer

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    Statistics don’t lie. Unintentional falls are the most common causes of non-fatal injury for adults over 65, with over 32 percent of seniors suffering a serious fall at some point during the year. Women tend to suffer falls the most. Ask any Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer. They’ll tell you that falls present a serious danger in nursing homes. On average, about 41 out of 100,000 accidental deaths of those over 65 result from falling. All too often, the fall is preventable, caused by slippery surfaces, inadequate restraints while sleeping, or simple nursing aide negligence.

    In addition to the tragic loss of life, falls also result in expensive medical costs, which all too often are born by the families of the victims. Approximately $16 billion to $19 billion are spent annually on fall related injuries, according to data collected in 2000.

    Nursing homes are supposed to treat falls as avoidable, adverse events. If your senior has been the victim of a fall, he or she has been suffered a nursing home injury. The next step is to see if the injury was the direct result of negligence.

    Make an appointment to speak with an experienced nursing home injury lawyer in Cleveland at The Linton Law Firm. They’ll help you decide if your senior’s fall was the result of negligence and whether legal action should be pursued. We invite you to contact The Linton Law Firm for a free initial consultation..