• From the Desk of a Cleveland Nursing Home Injury Lawyer: Elderly Man Faced Blatant Abuse

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    Sadly, instances of nursing home abuse are more common than we’d like to think. One appalling case recently reported by the New York Daily News involved Peter Mazza, a 99 year old grandfather of 13, whose blatant abuse was captured by surveillance videos the family had installed in the home. Aides working for the Nurse Service of New York and Partners in Care were hired to provide 24/7 care, but allegedly were grossly neglectful and abusive. The elderly man was left to fend for himself after an April fall left him with fractures and head injuries. One aide was even caught in the act of self-sexual stimulation on camera while the gentleman patient lay fully awake on a bed nearby. The case is now being pursued by the family’s nursing home injury lawyer.

    Following a fall out of his wheel chair, Mazza called for help. The aide callously responded: “I’m not picking you up, I’m not picking you up. My back is sick, I’m going to call your son.”

    The family has filed litigation in Manhattan State Supreme Court, accusing the aides of “negligent, reckless and wanton conduct akin to criminal behavior.”

    “This is one of the most egregious incidents of neglect and abuse I’ve seen, and I’ve handled hundreds of health aide and nursing home complaints,” John Dalli, the family’s nursing home injury lawyer, told the Staten Island Advance, the first to report the story. “This is conduct that is reckless and wanton.”

    If you suspect your family member has been the victim of abuse, discuss it with a Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer. Cases like this must be brought to litigation if neglectful caregivers are to be held accountable.

  • Military Hospital Births Twice as Likely to Become Caseloads of a Cleveland Birth Injury Lawyer

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    Our nation’s military fight to defend our country and our freedom. Who wouldn’t argue that they deserve the best medical care in the country? Sadly, this is far from the case. The New York Times recently reported that babies born in military hospitals are twice as likely to suffer birth injuries. More than 50,000 babies a year are born in a military hospital. And due to negligent care and strapped resources, their parents are far more likely to require the services of a Cleveland birth injury lawyer than any other baby born in this country.

    According to a 2012 analysis conducted for the Pentagon, mothers were much more likely to suffer hemorrhage than those who gave birth in civilian hospitals. Military hospitals routinely lag behind private hospitals in reducing harm to patients, essentially due to “a compartmentalized system of leadership, a culture of inter-service secrecy and an overall failure to make patient safety a top priority,” the article stated.

    “If in fact unexpected deaths were reported and ignored, there would appear to be no good answer for that except that someone is sleeping at the switch,” Dr. James P. Bagian, director of the University of Michigan’s Center for Healthcare Engineering and Patient Safety, told the New York Times.

    In one instance, a perfectly healthy baby died because doctors operated on the wrong part of the mother’s body. This and other instances are known to be “never events,” because they are so deadly and highly preventable.

    Military hospitals need to be held accountable. Only through successful litigation from a Cleveland birth injury lawyer can change ever happen. If such events are ignored, these sad statistics simply become the norm with no hope for reform. Hold your doctor and the medical system accountable. Only then can we change the status quo and make meaningful progress for future generations.

  • From the Desk of a Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney: More Than One-quarter of Cancers Misdiagnosed

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    A recent study published by the BMJ Quality and Safety journal pegs cancer misdiagnosis at a shocking 28 percent, with more than a quarter of all cancer cases in the US misdiagnosed at considerable danger to the patient. Lymphoma was reported to be the most commonly misdiagnosed cancer, followed by breast cancer, sarcomas, melanomas and cancer of an unknown site. Those numbers are a daily reality for a cancer misdiagnosis attorney Cleveland, who regularly sees these examples of misdiagnosis as a daily part of the job.

    Reasons for misdiagnosis generally ranged from “fragmented or missing information across medical information systems” (38.5 percent), “inadequate pathology diagnostic resources” (22 percent) and “inadequate genetic/genomic information available at the time of diagnosis” (20.3 percent).

    And it’s not necessarily the fault of the physician, but an inevitable result of the unrealistic demands and pressures placed on the medical profession.

    “Doctors today are increasingly time-strapped,” stated David Seligman, chairman and chief executive officer of Best Doctors, in a release. “Many of them are seeing up to 30 patients a day. They’re working in an overburdened health system with fractured or incomplete medical records. All of these things too often directly impact health outcomes – no matter how dedicated or skilled the physician may be.”

    Cancer misdiagnosis is unfortunately a common mistake, one that’s becoming increasingly prevalent in the financially strapped and resource demanding reality of today’s medical system. If you believe your cancer was misdiagnosed, talk to a Cleveland cancer misdiagnosis attorney at Linton Law Firm to decide your best legal strategy. Misdiagnosis should be held accountable.