• Ask a Cleveland Injury Attorney: Nursing Home Warning Signs to Look For

    Posted on February 6th, 2015 admin No comments

    Nursing care is expensive. The median rate for a private room in a nursing facility is about $88,000, according to the annual Genworth 2014 Cost of Care Survey. We can’t all afford to have our loved ones cared for at the highest end facilities. So, how do we protect them and still do so on a budget? Let’s look at some warning signs of poor facility care, as suggested by a Cleveland nursing home injury attorney.

    Review the Violation History

    All nursing homes are regulated by public and private agencies, so there are records you can look for to spot the bad apples. ProPublica, an independent, nonprofit news operation, features a search engine that allows families to compare facilities based on violations. SeniorAdvisor.com also lets you compare nursing homes in terms of violations. Pay attention to the severity of violations, not just the number. Some violations are relatively minor, while others can be life threatening. And others may well be worth discussing with a nursing home injury attorney in Cleveland.

    Look for High Staff Turnover

    Find out how long has the staff members have been working there. Ideally, your loved one should receive care from staff that has been there 5 to 10 years and allowing them to build a relationship with the tenant. If a facility maintains a high quality service, it will be able to maintain staff. Poor facilities typically have a revolving door when it comes to employees.

    How Independent are the Residents?

    Another good sign to look for in terms of quality is the independence of the residents. You want your loved one to be safe, but you don’t want them feeling like a prisoner. Beds and medication should not create a jail cell environment. How much movement are the residents allowed? Can they personalize their living quarters? Are there game rooms, libraries or places that encourage active socialization?