• From the Desk of a Cleveland Brain Injury Attorney: Pursuing Higher Education

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    As any brain injury attorney in Cleveland will tell you, life doesn’t stop after a brain injury. And your dreams don’t have to either.

    According to Brainline.org, a website dedicated to preventing, treating and helping victims live with brain injury, a head injury happens in the US once every 15 seconds. Almost 5.3 million Americans have survived brain injury disabilities, most of which occurred between the ages of 15 and 24. But life goes on, though the future may be a bit more difficult. Fortunately, there’s help. Scholarships are available to those who suffer from brain injury. There’s no need to shelve your dreams just because of an accident.

    The Brain Injury Survivors Grant Program Educational Award offers around $500 annually to graduating high school students who plans to attend a 2 year or four year college or professional/trade school. Rolling applications are accepted March 1 through May 31, with awards being announced in June. Winners must provide proof of enrollment in a program.

    If you are a victim of brain injury pursuing higher education, the most important thing to remember is to be patient. Don’t interpret difficult performance as failure. You face a serious disability, yet it’s one that can be overcome with resources and hard work. Learn how a brain injury can affect your learning. What was once routine can become quite challenging following a head injury. Relearning how to think takes time, patience and perseverance. Professional tutoring may help you find success.

    Build a brighter future one day at a time. Even some brain injury attorneys in Cleveland were once brain injury victims, and have become inspired to advocate for people like themselves. You’re dreams are not dead. They are just a new challenge on the road to tomorrow.

  • Even Suzanne Somers May Have a Case for a Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney in Cleveland

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    Suzanne Somers, the former Three’s Company Star, recently received some harrowing news. Her breast cancer had come back, and was supposedly rampant throughout her body. Luckily for Somers, the news proved to be yet another instance of cancer misdiagnosis, the kind of case a cancer misdiagnosis attorney in Cleveland comes across all the time. Her health problems were actually related to black mold exposure due to mold growing in the basement of a house she and her husband Alan Hamel were renting. The black mold could have proved just as fatal if Somers had not gotten treatment.

    “I ended up in the hospital for six days with a misdiagnosis of cancer,” Somers, 68, told ET. “When they read the CAT scan they said, ‘You have cancer everywhere. You have a mass on your lung and it’s covering your whole liver, and you have so many masses in your chest we can’t count them, and they’re all tumors, and you have a blood clot, and you have pneumonia.”

    It was shocking news for a woman who led such a healthy lifestyle- an all organic food diet, plenty of exercise and hormone therapy. But it was actually her basement that was the source of her health problems.

    “When we went down to that room it was like Little Shop of Horrors,” Somers told ET. “This leased house that we were living in — there was an unfinished room downstairs where there was standing water and black mold. It was crawling up through the dry wall, like worms almost, into the air conditioning and heating ducts, and we were breathing it in for the four years. I got the fungus in my lung which can kill you.”

    A cancer diagnosis error, whether it contributes to a fatal cancer case or not, causes unnecessary trauma in its wake. If you believe you have been a victim, contact a Linton Law Firm cancer misdiagnosis attorney in Cleveland for a free consultation today.