• Cleveland Brain Injury Lawyer: An Inspiring Story for Caregivers

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    When supporting the victims of brain injury, we must not forget to also celebrate and support their caregivers, who all too often go overlooked. Here’s an inspiring story of one caregiver, who despite challenges and tests, did not give up. As any brain injury lawyer in Cleveland will tell you, the support of family is key to surmounting the challenges of a brain injury. Family should be the one resource your loved one can depend on.

    Kim Summerall Jones, an Arizona mom, has faced numerous challenges. First, she was told she couldn’t conceive children. Then, after her husband and she adopted two children as infants, her husband was diagnosed with a rare cancer and tragically passed away 14 months later. And if that wasn’t enough, she got the call that every parent has nightmares about. Her children had been in a traumatic car accident and her son suffered a brain injury. Her son seemed like a stranger after the accident.

    “When someone receives a brain injury, it is time to mourn that person and welcome a new person to the relationship. The person you once knew is gone in most cases. In their place is a new individual with a different personality, different goals, and unique abilities,” Kim stated.

    Her son’s new challenges dove Kim into a depression, which she successfully overcame through a fitness and therapy and the realization that her son needed her to be the world for him. She even competed in a bodybuilding competition. Today, she is a sought after national speaker.

    For her inspiration to others, Kim was recently  awarded the 2017 Ms. U.S. Woman of Achievement title at the pageant held on November 6th on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.

    Caring Resources

    “The good news is that because there are over 5.3 million sufferers of Traumatic Brain Injury (“TBI”), there are resources available for the victim. Unfortunately, there is little support for the caregiver,” Kim stated. “This is where we come in. “TBI: Survive and Thrive!” provides a community of resources, ideas, and practical tips for caregivers of TBI survivors.”

    Our Cleveland brain injury lawyers wanted to share Kim’s story as inspiration to the families and victims in the struggle to recover from brain injury.