• Study Confirms Cleveland Nursing Home Injury Attorneys’ Suspicions: Abuse Underreported

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    As nursing home injury attorneys in Cleveland, we realize that nursing home injury is actually a lot more common than most people think. Many cases go unreported. Sadly, this suspicion has been confirmed in two new government studies.

    Conducted and published by the Office of Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the research found that in most cases of abuse or neglect severe enough to require medical attention, the incidents have not been reported to enforcement agencies — despite the fact that it’s the law.

    One study focused on nursing home residents who end up in nursing homes. Nearly one in five cases were not reported to police.

    “Some of the cases we saw, a person is treated in an emergency room [and] they’re sent back to the same facility where they were potentially abused and neglected,” Gloria Jarmon, deputy inspector general for audit services, told NPR.

    Elder Abuse Can Happen Anywhere

    And elder abuse can happen in multiple settings — not just nursing homes. A second study looked at medicare claims for the elderly regardless of where the incident took place. Nearly one- third of the incidents were not reported to law enforcement.

    That’s why it’s so important to work with a nursing home injury attorney in Cleveland. All too often these tragic incidents are merely swept under the rug and ignored.

  • Cleveland Brain Injury Attorney: A Pro Football Star Who Refuses to Let Go of His Helmet

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    Here’s a most bizarre item to come across the desk of a brain injury attorney in Cleveland lately: a professional football star refuses to let go of his old helmet — an outdated model that is no longer certified by the National Operating Committee for Standards and Athletic Equipment, or NOCSAE.

    Oakland Raiders receiver Antonio Brown has been wearing the same helmet for 12 years, despite the fact the helmet doesn’t meet current NFL safety standards. He’s so completely bonded with his old helmet he even repainted it himself — yet his paint job doesn’t uniformly match the colors and design of the rest of the team.

    Some People Don’t Like to Follow the Rules

    Under NFL rules, teams can be punished for allowing a player to wear a prohibited helmet. The guidelines were put in place in large part to protect the league from such action due to the 2016 head trauma settlement with former players.

    Yet ironically Brown is threatening to sue the NFL if he suffers a brain injury in the new helmet he’s required to wear.

    It’s a funny news item that makes for more enjoyable happy hour talk than most brain injury stories. Our brain injury attorney in Cleveland will definitely be saving this one for the next after-hours talk.