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    The Importance of a Woman’s Perspective When Consulting a Cleveland Birth Injury Attorney

    Birth injuries can not only be traumatic and affect the health of your child for his or her lifetime, but they can also be extremely sensitive. Sadly, many times the victims of these cases don’t seek legal advocacy for their child because of the embarrassing issues involved. Most people have their own stereotype of the Cleveland birth injury attorney– a gruff but well dressed man going over the intimate details of your child’s birth. Understandably, it’s an image that doesn’t sit well with women.

    At Linton & Hirshman, we believe the first step in advocacy is making you comfortable enough to go through the details. For starters, you can talk the issues over one on one with a woman. Our leading partner, Ellen Hirshman, who runs the firm together with Tony Hirshman and Robert Linton, has been specializing as a Cleveland birth injury attorney for decades. In fact, she was one of the first women in Ohio to be offered a partnership at what was then Ohio’s largest malpractice defense firm. For over 25 years, she has dedicated her career advocating for the rights of women and their children afflicted by birth injury. She leads the Women’s Health Center, our firm’s legal team for birth injury advocacy.

    Ellen Hirshman is available for a free consultation, whether by phone or in person, woman to woman, to discuss your best legal path. She’s worked both sides of the legal argument, handling hundreds of cases for doctors and health care providers, but she prefers to advocate for the women affected by birth injury. As a leading birth injury attorney in Cleveland, Ms. Hirshman is ready to stand by your side in a courtroom, and she’s has the compassion to listen to your story. She has the sensitivity to understand, as well as the legal know how to advocate for your best legal interest.

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