• Birth injury from negligent medical care

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    Birth injuries can be severe and life long. The repercussions of a birth injury can cause your child to not be capable of having a career or raising a family. Developmental delays can cause a lifetime of assistance being needed to accomplish even the most elemental daily tasks. The negligence of a medical professional can cause a birth injury that will effect your child their entire life. Seeking a birth injury lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio is important so that the liable party is held responsible for their sub-standard care. Did your doctor miss an important symptom or neglect to order important tests to safeguard the babies health?

    The lawyers at Linton & Hirshman have over 90 years of combined experience in representing the families of birth injury victims. Our lawyers, Robert F. Linton, Jr., Ellen Hobbs Hirshman, and Tobias J. Hirshman are compassionate lawyers who understand the hardships created by a birth injury for both the family and the child. When you choose a birth injury lawyer at Linton & Hirshman, you will have an advocate looking out for your family’s best interest. We will fight for the much-deserved compensation to enable you to raise your child as needed due to their birth injury.

    Our goal is to let you focus on positive growth and overcoming as many challenges as possible in raising your child. At Linton & Hirshman, we will use our vast resources to effectively bring your case to a positive outcome. We are committed to declaring the rights of birth injury victims and their families. Contact us for a free consultation. Home and hospital appointments are available. We are conveniently located in the warehouse district in Cleveland near the state and federal courthouses.

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