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    Personal Questions Answered by a Birth Injury Lawyer in Cleveland

    Birth injuries are both tragic and personal. Not knowing who to blame, it’s easy to blame yourself, sometimes well into the life of the child affected by the birth injury. Consulting a birth injury lawyer in Cleveland can help begin the healing process and discover the truth behind your child’s predicament. Often, birth injuries have nothing to do with the mother and may everything to do with the medical staff that helped bring the child into this world.

    Mothers instinctively trust their doctor, and it’s usually justified. An obstetrician fulfills a nurturing role when he or she does her duty correctly. When something goes wrong, the blame often sadly shifts to the mother and prenatal care, and many times not with the doctor where it may belong.

    Contacting a birth injury lawyer in Cleveland is not about the money. It’s about reassurance, discovering what really went wrong in the delivery room so you have a solid answer for the years to come. Life goes on after a birth injury, but a true understanding needs to be reached before the healing can begin.

    A consultation with a Linton & Hirshman LLC birth injury lawyer is free and confidential. Our leading partners Robert F, Linton, Jr., Ellen Hirshman and Tobias Hirshman have more than 90 years of combined experience as birth injury lawyers. Ellen Hirshman, in fact, leads the Women’s Health Law Center where you can talk woman-to-woman about the issues that surround your birth injury. Get answers to your questions by contacting a Cleveland birth injury lawyer at Linton & Hirshman LLC today.

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