• Ohio drunk drivers are held accountable for car accidents by Cleveland Lawyers

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    Without warning, your life has been changed forever. It takes just an instant for a car accident to devastate your life. A drunk driver can seriously injure or cause a permanent disability to you or a loved one in a car accident. A drunk driver’s negligence can cause you to seek the assistance of a lawyer.

    The lawyers at Linton & Hirshman, Robert F. Linton Jr., Tobias J. Hirshman and Ellen Hobbs Hirshman,  are devoted to asserting the rights of victims of drunk-driving accidents. When you or someone you love sustains a serious injury in a drunk-driving accident or even a wrongful death, we will thoroughly investigate the accident and pursue the liable party.

    The lawyers of Linton & Hirshman will focus on recovering your monetary losses while you and your loved ones focus on recovering. Being a victim of a drunk driving car accident can become complex quickly. Your lawyer will seek out and document witnesses, medical documentation, and deal with your insurance company. The expertise in these areas has lead to a record of successful outcomes for clients.

    If you or a loved one is seriously injured due to someone’s negligence, let a lawyer at Linton & Hirshman declare your rights to recover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and any additional costs incurred by your family.

    Contact Linton & Hirshman, (Car Accident Lawyers in Cleveland, Ohio), at our Cuyahoga County office for a free consultation with an experienced lawyer. Hospital or home appointments are available. Linton & Hirshman are conveniently located in the warehouse district near the state and federal courthouses.

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