• Cleveland Spinal Injury Attorney: New Research Shows Restoring Touch Could Be Possible for Spinal Injury Victims

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    As any client of a spinal injury attorney in Cleveland will tell you, the lack of sensation that accompanies paralysis can be a great impediment to resuming life again following an injury.

    This phenomenon has not had many studies, but recent research offers promising results that the sense of touch may be returned to those with spinal injury.

    Led by Battelle and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, a team of scientists, doctors and researchers demonstrated that a person with a clinically complete spinal cord injury (SCI) can use a brain-computer interface (BCI) to simultaneously reanimate both motor function and sense of touch by using residual touch signaling from his own hand.

    The Study in a Nutshell

    The breakthrough was made possible through years of data collected from NeuroLifeTM program study participant Ian Burkhart, who suffered a spinal cord injury in 2010 when diving into the ocean, and now lives with paralysis in his hands and legs.

    “When the chip was placed on the surface of Ian’s motor cortex in 2014, it was not known that the signals related to object touch could be observed because of the paralysis,” said lead author and Battelle Principal Research Scientist Patrick Ganzer. “Furthermore, Ian has a very severe SCI that should essentially block hand touch signals from even reaching the brain.”

    A press release explained the research:

    “However, analysis has shown that sub-perceptual touch following a spinal cord injury affects Burkhart’s motor cortex even though there is essentially a block from the nerves in his arms and their connection back to the brain. Importantly, this sub-perceptual signal can be detected in the brain, rerouted via the brain-computer interface, and sent back to a wearable haptic system to restore the sense of touch.”

    It’s an amazing discovery that is good news for those who suffer from a spinal injury.

    “It has been amazing to see the possibilities of sensory information coming from a device that was originally created to only allow me to control my hand in a one-way direction,” said Burkhart.

    This could lead to life-changing treatment one day for the clients of a spinal injury attorney in Cleveland.

  • Cleveland Spinal Injury Attorney: Promising New Research in Stem Cell Therapy

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    Here’s some good news to come across the desk recently of one of our spinal injury attorneys in Cleveland: UC San Diego researchers recently published a study showing that a mix of 3D printing and stem cell therapy can be used to treat severe spinal cord injuries.

    Scientists say the findings are a huge breakthrough for people with paralysis.

    The researchers built a 3D model from scratch to make a model of a spinal cord section based on MRI imaging. The model was then loaded with stem cells that were implanted into the test subject.

    In tested rodents, the 3D spinal cord and stem cells spurred new neuron growth and helped restore function.

    “When there’s an injury, the local population of cells, the neurons, die,” Dr. Kobi Koffler with the school of Neuroscience told ABC News. “With these stem cells, we’re bringing them back.”

    Bioprinting was able to take the research to unprecedented levels.


    New Methods Mean Brighter Scientific Possibilities

    “Every patient’s damaged organ or tissue is different. You cannot use traditional manufacturing methods to do this,” Dr. Shaochen Chen with the School of Engineering told ABC News. “3D Bioprinting is perfect to do that.”

    And that means a brighter future for the clients of a spinal injury attorney in Cleveland. Science is bringing a new day, one in which full recovery from spinal injury becomes a more achievable reality.


  • Cleveland Spinal Injury Attorney: New Study Sheds Light on Why Injuries Worsen After Accident

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    It’s a phenomenon we see all the time as spinal injury attorneys in Cleveland. The real damage caused by a spinal injury often occurs long after the original injury.

    A new study could shed some light on why.

    Science Daily reports:

    “Yi Ren, a professor of biomedical sciences at the Florida State University College of Medicine, is making progress in understanding why such significant harm is inflicted in the weeks and months after a spinal injury. In a study published today in the journal Nature Neuroscience, Ren explained how a natural immune system response may contribute to additional injury.”

    After an injury, endothelial cells that line blood vessels are activated to remove potentially harmful material, like myelin debris, from the site of the injury. But researchers suspect this process may also contribute to further damage after the incident.

    “The consequences of the effort of endothelial cells to clear myelin debris is often severe, contributing to post-traumatic degeneration of the spinal cord and to the functional disabilities often associated with spinal cord injuries,” said Ren, whose team conducted the study over a period of five years.

    An Optimistic Prognosis

    As science and doctors better understand how these mechanisms work, more might be done to help spinal injury victims recover functioning to lead fuller lives. And that is certainly promising news for the clients of a spinal injury attorney in Cleveland.


  • A New Study Holds Promise for the Clients of a Spinal Injury Attorney in Cleveland

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    What’s the biggest takeaway from a promising new study from Tel Aviv University? Aside from the fact that the future continues to get brighter and brighter for spinal injury sufferers, it’s this: Don’t wait for a diagnosis to begin treatment. Start right away, from the very moment of injury.


    In addition to the great advice, the study also offers much-needed hope to the clients of spinal injury attorneys in Cleveland. The study found that intravenous injection of a potent enzyme, just hours after an accident, has the potential to diminish a cascade of pathological events responsible for a neuronal death, such as inflammation and scarring.


    “Primary mechanical damage to spinal cord tissue kills a certain amount of neuronal cells. But there’s secondary damage due to the release of excess glutamates, which are responsible for additional functional disability,” study co-conductor Dr. Yona Goldshmit of TAU’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine and the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute told MedicalXpress. “The main idea is to reduce the secondary damage as soon as possible—to block the body’s natural reaction to spinal cord trauma. This is the role of the enzyme injection we devised.”


    The new treatment could dramatically reduce the consequences of spinal injury.

    The Positive Potential of Glutamate


    As MedicalXpress explains:


    “Glutamate accounts for approximately 60 percent of total neurotransmitter activity in the brain. Dr. Ruban’s research has shown the positive effect of the blood glutamate treatment in models of glioblastoma, ALS, and others.”


    The sooner the treatment can be applied – the better.


    “Our takeaway is, ‘Don’t wait to diagnose it, treat it,'” study o-conductor Dr. Angela Ruban of TAU’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine told MedicalExpress. “It’s similar to aspirin, which can rescue a cardiac patient from irreversible damage if taken within the first few hours of a heart attack. We suggest administering the injection even in cases of an uncertain diagnosis. There’s no side effect to the injection, but it might just mitigate secondary damage and dramatically improve the quality of a person’s life.”


    And that is extremely promising news for each and every client of a spinal injury attorney in Cleveland.

  • Cleveland Spinal Injury Attorney: The Healing Benefits of Oxygen and Breathing Deeply

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    What’s a spinal injury victim’s best recovery tool? No, not his or her spinal injury attorney in Cleveland, though we certainly can help lead the path to recovery – especially financially. We’re talking about breathing. A patient’s health can vastly improve simply by breathing a little more.  A recent study from the University of Alberta discovered surprising benefits in oxygen.

    The study found that more oxygen through the spinal cord can improve blood flow, and thereby increase motor functioning for better walking, movement and balance.

    Neuroscientists found that spinal blood flow in rats was unexpectedly compromised following a spinal injury. Improving blood flow or simply inhaling more oxygen produces lasting improvements in cord oxygenation and motor functions.

    “We’ve shown for the first time that spinal cord injuries (SCI) lead to a chronic state of poor blood flow and lack of oxygen to neuronal networks in the spinal cord,” says co-principal investigator Karim Fouad, professor, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine and Canada Research Chair for spinal cord injury. “By elevating oxygen in the spinal cord we can improve function and re-establish activity in different parts of the body.”

    A Deep Breath for Progress, but Still a Long Way to Go

    Though there is still much to learn when it comes to treatment, this discovery is a big step.

    “Possibly even simple therapies such as exercise or just breathing will play a role in preventing long-term hypoxia and damage to the spinal cord, Fouad told Science Daily. “It’s a small but important step in the right direction, stemming from studying an obscure enzyme in the spinal cord — and that’s the beauty of basic science.

    And that is good news for the clients of a spinal injury attorney in Cleveland.

  • Cleveland Spinal Injury Attorney: Metro-Health Grant Announced

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    Clients of our Cleveland spinal injury attorney should take note of some good news that might directly benefit them one day, to say nothing of spinal injury victims everywhere:

    The Cleveland Metro-Health System recently announced $2.26 million in grant funding to conduct studies on spinal injury and recovery.

    “This will allow us to attract more (spinal care) patients for care,” said Dr. Gregory Nemunaitis, director of Spinal Cord Rehabilitation at MetroHealth.

    Designated over a five year period, the grant will enable the center to, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

    “Collect data on the recovery of people with spinal cords injuries that will provide a database for future research and care.

    Assess recovery patterns in the arms and hands of people with spinal cord injuries to develop guidelines for treatment to restore upper extremity function.

    Redesign a spine board used to transport patients from the scene of an injury to the hospital. Led by MetroHealth in collaboration with the University of Toledo’s Department of Engineering, the research will focus on reducing pressure ulcers.”

    MetroHealth treats about 100 traumatic spinal cord injuries a year. The announcement of this funding should be good news for them as well as clients of Cleveland spinal injury attorneys.

  • From the Desk of Our Cleveland Spinal Injury Attorney: Robotic Therapies Help People Regain Function

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    Here’s some good news for the clients of a spinal injury attorney in Cleveland. While helping spinal injury victims become more mobile, researchers in Brazil discovered that interacting with robot-like machines could help them regain some sensation and movement.

    Published in Scientific Reports, the findings suggest that spinal injury victims may be able to retrain brain functions through repetition and practice.

    While the eight paralyzed people did not regain the ability to support their own weight standing up, they did make partial recovery including the use of bowel and bladder functions. Some men were even able to have erections. One woman was even able to deliver a baby vaginally.

    “For the first time in many years they were able to voluntarily control their muscles,” Dr. Miguel Nicolelis, a neuroscientist and physician with Duke University who led the research, told NPR. “They could move their legs or contract muscles under voluntary control. This has not been seen before. I call this an important milestone.”

    Indeed, this remarkable finding could meaningfully change the lives of the clients of a spinal injury attorney in Cleveland.

  • Could a Global Data Base Help the Clients of a Spinal Injury Attorney in Cleveland?

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    Australian spinal cord injury experts are currently lobbying their federal government for a national registry of patients to track treatments in an effort to improve conditions. Advocates for the effort contend that millions of dollars could be saved in treatment, not to mention that victims’ lives could be substantially improved. It is an effort any spinal injury attorney in Cleveland could get behind.

    “We have pools of acute data in the spinal units around Australia, we have some rehab data,” Chris Bertinshaw from the Australian Spinal Cord Injury Network told ABC. “None of it is connected, and we have no information once they leave rehab.”

    The proposed registry would track patients throughout their lifetimes, noting treatment, medications and any complications. Such data could substantially improve treatment and in the process help patients lead more fulfilling lives.

    “We don’t know what treatment works and what doesn’t work, and we don’t know the risks involved,” Jonathan Tang, a spinal injury patient and wheelchair racer, told ABC.”[A registry] will allow us to answer questions such as, if I had a kidney infection, what would be the best medication to use.”

    Who knows? Perhaps other countries will launch similar efforts and combine databases into a universal resource? That would definitely be promising news for anyone who needs a spinal injury attorney in Cleveland.

  • Electronic Implants Respond to Brain Waves of Spinal Injury Patients in Cleveland

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    Every day, the clients of any spinal injury attorney in Cleveland face a brighter future. Scientists at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland recently used electronics to enable a spinal injury patient to use an implant in his brain to move his arm and hand.
    The test marks the first time brain signals have been conveyed directly to electrodes placed in an arm to restore movement, according to Robert Kirsch, a biomedical engineer at Case Western.
    The project is a big step towards wireless systems being able to transmit brain signals over airwaves to electronics implanted in the limbs or paralyzed patients. Yet there is still much progress that needs to be made.
    “It’s not a fluid natural movement like you are picking up a cup of coffee to drink it,” says John Donoghue, one of the leaders of of BrainGate, a consortium that is developing brain-computer interfaces with the Case Western team told the MIT Technology Review. “But the fact that they got a person to control their own body, to stimulate muscles in a specific way to make them move, and do it from a small patch of brain, is incredible.”
    The research is a big step forward that can drastically improve the lives of spinal patients. “If I could take the system I am using right now home with me, I would do it in a heartbeat,” said Ian Burkhart, the participant in the Ohio State study. “There are limitations to it, but they’re easily outweighed by the benefit of being able to grasp something and move it around.”
    And that’s good news for both patients and any spinal injury attorney in Cleveland.

  • StemCells Inc. has Good News for Clients of Spinal Injury Lawyers in Cleveland

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    Offering good news for any client of a spinal injury lawyer in Cleveland, StemCells Inc. recently reported its experimental stem cell therapy improved functioning and strength in the limbs of spinal cord injury patients.

    That makes Stem Cells Inc. the second research company to recently report promising results for spinal therapy research as a result of stem cell studies. Last August, Asterias Biotherapeutics said its research indicated stem cell therapy could improve mobility for patients.

    No serious adverse effects have been found in the study. The next two years for the company should prove critical.

    “In a year from now, our goal would be to complete the enrollment in the study and get final results in 2017,” Chief Financial Officer Greg Schiffman told Reuters.

    “The early analyses of motor improvement from the first cohort of the Pathway Study are consistent with an evolution of the sensory outcomes seen in StemCells’ previous thoracic study,” said Armin Curt, MD, the principal investigator at the University of Zurich for the Company’s previous Phase I/II thoracic spinal cord injury study, in a statement. “The emerging data are the first clinical evidence of a treatment effect improving muscle strength and function following cellular transplant in spinal cord injuries. These findings are even more compelling given that all the patients are between one and two years post injury.”

    Thanks to stem cell research, clients of a spinal injury lawyer in Cleveland face a much brighter future. It may take several years to develop, but the research prompts brighter optimism as more about this incredible science is discovered.