• Cleveland Birth Injury Attorney: Was Your Child’s Cerebral Palsy a Result of Malpractice?

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    Cleveland birth injury attorneyThe truth is that many cerebral palsy cases are preventable. CP cases can result from an error in the birthing process that results in the brain damage of your child. While some cases of CP are faultless, always consult a Cleveland birth injury attorney to see if your child’s case was preventable.

    When a delivering mother fails to get proper standard care, the doctor is accountable in a medical malpractice claim. Granted, the damage cannot be undone, but taking the offenders to court with the help of a Cleveland birth injury attorney can ensure the same thing doesn’t happen again to someone else. Further, you may gain settlement to aid in the lifelong care of your child.

    There are any number of instances of neglect that can result in CP, including failing to monitor the mother or child before, during or after the birth, or failure to take prompt action in the case of infant distress. Inattentive medical staff may ignore a mother during critical points of the birth. The staff may also fail to properly administer medicine to the mother at critical times. This can result in excessive uterine contractility, uterine hyperstimulation, uterine rupture, which ultimately leads to infant brain damage.

    Don’t assume CP is the result of a freak accident. It may be the direct result of hospital staff. There are reasons people don’t often give birth at home anymore. Accidents happen. When they result from the actions, or more often the lack of action of the hospital staff, however, it’s negligence, and the hospital should be held accountable by a Cleveland birth injury attorney.

    Talk to a Linton & Hirshman Cleveland birth injury attorney. We’ll help you decide if you have a case. Let us advocate for the rights and future care of your child.

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