• Cleveland Birth Injury Lawyer: Blood Tests Make Early Detection of Birth Injury Possible

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    Thanks to science, families who have suffered birth injury have a new resource to litigate claims with a birth injury lawyer in Clevelandearly detection.

    New research has found that blood tests could be used to diagnose a birth injury just hours after birth, providing a new avenue for crucial evidence. The blood test detects which babies deprived of oxygen at birth are at risk of serious neuro disabilities like cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

    Science Daily reports:

    “The prototype test looks for certain genes being switched on and off that are linked to long-term neurological issues. Further investigations of these genes may provide new targets for treating the brain damage before it becomes permanent.”

    Empowering Families with Better Care & Knowledge

    The new findings could lead to early detection, which means better early care for the injured infants, as well as empowering families with the knowledge to act.

    “We know that early intervention is key to preventing the worst outcomes in babies following oxygen deprivation, but knowing which babies need this help, and how best to help them, remains a challenge,” stated lead author Dr. Paolo Montaldo, from the Centre for Perinatal Neuroscience at Imperial.

    It’s good news for families and important information for a birth injury lawyer in Cleveland. More information will only empower families, helping them seek better care for their children, as well as the litigated resources to provide lifelong care, if necessary.

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