• Cleveland Car Accident Attorney: Don’t Take Head Injuries Lightly

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    Cleveland Car Accident LawyerNot every car accident requires an attorney, a courtroom, or even a call to the insurance company. Luckily, some fender benders are little more than bumper scrapes, settled by a handshake on the roadside and all is well. Many, however, will require at the very least an exchange of insurance information, and in the worse cases, actual court litigation to ensure your rights are met. If you’ve suffered a head injury, however, even if it feels like nothing at the time, always be sure to file an insurance claim. You should also consult a Cleveland car accident attorney immediately. Head injuries, even a minor bump, may be quite serious and have lifelong lasting repercussions.

    You can file a medical claim through your automotive insurance, no matter who is at fault. This may be part of your automobile insurance claim, or be covered by your medical insurance. First party injury coverage pays for medical coverage, but if you’re fortunate enough to have personal injury protection coverage, you’ll be covered for time lost from work as well as other rehabilitative services.

    If you’re not found at fault in the accident, you should work to obtain a settlement from the responsible party’s insurance company in the form of a bodily injury claim. The amount of the settlement will depend on the severity of the injury, which may not be fully known until a full series of tests have been conducted. Many people have been the victims of a brain injury without being aware. Don’t assume that bump on the head will heal by the morning. Consult a Cleveland car accident attorney, have the proper medical tests done, and advocate your rights from the very beginning.

    Call a Cleveland car accident attorney at Linton & Hirshman LLC for your free consultation.

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