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    Linton & Hirshman, Attorneys at Law, in Cleveland Ohio help clients that have suffered a hardship due to someone else’s negligence everyday. During a time of crisis, seeking an attorney is not in the forefront of your mind. That’s understandable especially when the hardship is a birth injury to your baby.

    When the questions arise about what went wrong, that’s when you should seek counsel from an experienced birth injury attorney. The attorneys at Linton & Hirshman have experience in complicated birth injury cases. We know what questions to ask, the documents to collect, and statements needed to fully develop an effective case. Our firm has the resources needed to effectively build a case without cutting corners. We will treat you with the same respect and compassion as we would our own family.

    Birth injury cases can have a broad range of outcomes primarily dependent on the future repercussions of your baby suffering a birth injury.  Our focus as birth injury attorneys is to make sure the negligent party is held responsible for the injury and provide you with anything you may need in the future to address your child’s birth injury. We know that future medical procedures, therapies, and possible adaptive resources could be needed to ensure the best for your child.

    Contact Linton & Hirshman today to start getting the answers your deserve.

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