• Detecting Birth Injury and When to Call a Cleveland Birth Injury Lawyer

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    Not all birth injuries are evident in the delivery room, hospital or even in the first weeks at home. Indeed, birth injuries may take several months to be noticed, perhaps even several months down the line in a baby’s cognitive development. The most common sign is a delay in development. Regardless, the earlier a birth injury can be spotted the better, as it leads to quicker care for the child as well as a more proactive preparation of your child’s legal case by a Cleveland birth injury lawyer to ensure the best outcome.

    Baby Brain Injury Lawyer ClevelandConsult a Medical Professional

    Always consult a professional when it comes to birth injury. Parents should never try to diagnose a birth injury on their own. They naturally have their concerns, but only a professional can determine if your child is experiencing developmental delays that are a direct result of birth injury. Some children simply progress more slowly than others.

    Delays in development can be perfectly natural, but in some cases are actually indications of more serious problems that may be a direct result of birth injury. These include early signs of cerebral palsy, mental retardation and other severe conditions. If this is the case, you’ll need to contact a Cleveland birth injury lawyer.

    Consult a Legal Professional

    Once you’ve determined your child suffers from a birth injury through the guidance of a medical professional, find yourself a good lawyer. Again, keep in mind the earlier, the better. Your Cleveland birth injury lawyer will need to investigate thoroughly and look into all hospital records. They can naturally prepare a better case when the evidence is still fresh.

    At Linton & Hirshman LLC, your first consultation with a Cleveland birth injury lawyer is free. Let’s discuss your options. This is your child’s future we’re talking about. Let’s work together to make it the brightest possible.

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