• From the Desk of a Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney: More Than One-quarter of Cancers Misdiagnosed

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    A recent study published by the BMJ Quality and Safety journal pegs cancer misdiagnosis at a shocking 28 percent, with more than a quarter of all cancer cases in the US misdiagnosed at considerable danger to the patient. Lymphoma was reported to be the most commonly misdiagnosed cancer, followed by breast cancer, sarcomas, melanomas and cancer of an unknown site. Those numbers are a daily reality for a cancer misdiagnosis attorney Cleveland, who regularly sees these examples of misdiagnosis as a daily part of the job.

    Reasons for misdiagnosis generally ranged from “fragmented or missing information across medical information systems” (38.5 percent), “inadequate pathology diagnostic resources” (22 percent) and “inadequate genetic/genomic information available at the time of diagnosis” (20.3 percent).

    And it’s not necessarily the fault of the physician, but an inevitable result of the unrealistic demands and pressures placed on the medical profession.

    “Doctors today are increasingly time-strapped,” stated David Seligman, chairman and chief executive officer of Best Doctors, in a release. “Many of them are seeing up to 30 patients a day. They’re working in an overburdened health system with fractured or incomplete medical records. All of these things too often directly impact health outcomes – no matter how dedicated or skilled the physician may be.”

    Cancer misdiagnosis is unfortunately a common mistake, one that’s becoming increasingly prevalent in the financially strapped and resource demanding reality of today’s medical system. If you believe your cancer was misdiagnosed, talk to a Cleveland cancer misdiagnosis attorney at Linton Law Firm to decide your best legal strategy. Misdiagnosis should be held accountable.

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