• How to Avoid Needing to Call a Cleveland Car Accident Lawyer

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    Cleveland car accidentIn a split second, a car accident can irrevocably change your life. Often, the cause is minor- fiddling with the radio, talking on a cell phone, texting or even simple fatigue. Sometimes, the cause was completely avoidable, such as when drinking or drugs are involved. It’s the little things we do every day that can prevent car accidents. Check yourself for these bad driving habits. Careful driving can save you having to call a Cleveland car accident lawyer. Don’t find out the hard way.

    Distracted Driving

    The biggest cause of car accidents is not drunk driving, drag racing or even running red lights. It’s simply distraction. A distracted driver diverts his or her attention from the road, often to call or text on a cell phone. He or she may be eating something or fidgeting with other items in the car. Seemingly minor acts can result in an accident in a split second. Please, keep both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Simply being aware can save a life and a call to a Cleveland car accident lawyer.

    Cold, Rain or Snow

    The roads get as bad as the weather. During inclement weather, it may be just as well to stay in and watch a movie. Snowy conditions or even just a heavy rain can seriously inhibit your ability to drive safely. It can affect visibility as well as traction. When weather looks dangerous, play it safe by staying in where it’s warm and dry. Life’s too precious to risk the wrath of mother nature.

    Drunk Driving

    This is a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people drink and drive, and not just teenagers. In fact, nearly 50 percent of all traffic accidents involve alcohol in one way or another. Remember, to always designate a driver, and stick to it. Remember, buzzed driving is drunk driving. Don’t try to balance the blood alcohol line. If you drink, don’t drive. It’s just that simple.

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