• Military Hospital Births Twice as Likely to Become Caseloads of a Cleveland Birth Injury Lawyer

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    Our nation’s military fight to defend our country and our freedom. Who wouldn’t argue that they deserve the best medical care in the country? Sadly, this is far from the case. The New York Times recently reported that babies born in military hospitals are twice as likely to suffer birth injuries. More than 50,000 babies a year are born in a military hospital. And due to negligent care and strapped resources, their parents are far more likely to require the services of a Cleveland birth injury lawyer than any other baby born in this country.

    According to a 2012 analysis conducted for the Pentagon, mothers were much more likely to suffer hemorrhage than those who gave birth in civilian hospitals. Military hospitals routinely lag behind private hospitals in reducing harm to patients, essentially due to “a compartmentalized system of leadership, a culture of inter-service secrecy and an overall failure to make patient safety a top priority,” the article stated.

    “If in fact unexpected deaths were reported and ignored, there would appear to be no good answer for that except that someone is sleeping at the switch,” Dr. James P. Bagian, director of the University of Michigan’s Center for Healthcare Engineering and Patient Safety, told the New York Times.

    In one instance, a perfectly healthy baby died because doctors operated on the wrong part of the mother’s body. This and other instances are known to be “never events,” because they are so deadly and highly preventable.

    Military hospitals need to be held accountable. Only through successful litigation from a Cleveland birth injury lawyer can change ever happen. If such events are ignored, these sad statistics simply become the norm with no hope for reform. Hold your doctor and the medical system accountable. Only then can we change the status quo and make meaningful progress for future generations.

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