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    Advocating Your Loved Ones Rights with a Cleveland Nursing Home Injury lawyer

    Did you know that the elderly are some of the most disenfranchised people when it comes to malpractice? That’s because there are fewer people to advocate for them. Most families mistake a nursing home injury as the natural result of aging, but in some cases, it’s the result of outright negligence. Don’t just assume your aging family member suffered simply due to declining health. With the slashes to nursing home budgets as well as a rising cost of health care, many of these facilities have made cuts to the services they provide. In many cases, these cuts are illegal, but few look into the details. Consulting with a Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer is paramount. Talk with a Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer to determine if your loved one’s injuries are natural or a sign of extreme negligence.

    You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain, including advocacy for the rights of your loved ones. For starters, realize that consulting a Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer is free. Most cases taken on by Linton & Hirshman are done on a contingency basis, meaning you only have to pay if you win, and then only a small percentage of the awarded compensation. We will review the facts of your case thoroughly, and suggest the best legal strategy to take.

    This is not a conversation to put off. To best determine whether or not you have a case, immediate consultation with a Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer is imperative. If you do have a case, tests need to be conducted, nursing home records need to be reviewed. Led by our veteran partners Ellen Hirshman, Robert Linton, and Toby Hirshman, our team of Cleveland nursing home injury lawyers are here to spot neglectful care to better advocate for your loved one.

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