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    How a Cleveland Nursing Home Injury Lawyer Protects the Ones You Love

    In a nursing home, our loved ones are only as protected as the care we give them. When a nursing home injury happens, it’s natural to blame yourself, but it’s more important to ensure that the nursing home be held accountable. Nursing home injuries only perpetuate themselves the longer they are ignored. The nursing home industry will only respond when pushed, only when they get that court summons from your Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer.

    Like any other industry, the nursing home exists to make money. They only react to change when it is financially in their best interest. Furthermore, many have chosen to cut costs, needlessly putting their clients at great risk for nursing home injuries. When a nursing home has been brought to justice by a nursing home injury lawyer, it helps set a precedent. The entire industry reacts, often to the good of those directly under the care of the nursing home.

    All safety standards we have today for nursing homes are the direct result of families contacting a nursing home injury lawyer and holding the nursing home accountable. As the industry has become so standardized, proving a nursing home injury often is only a matter of reviewing records, running exams, and examining safety procedures. If the injury was truly the result of negligence, it will show in the records and can usually be quickly spotted by a qualified nursing home injury lawyer.

    Linton & Hirshman LLC is a Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer firm with more than nine decades of combined experience. Our partners Tobias Hirshman, Robert F, Linton, Jr., and Ellen Hirshman have worked in some of the leadiing law firms in the country bringing nursing homes to justice. Protect the rights of your loved ones by consulting a Linton & Hirshman LLC nursing home injury lawyer for a free consultation today.

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