• From the Desk of a Cleveland Spinal Injury Lawyer: The Costs of Living with Spinal Injury

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    The costs of living with a spinal injury are enormous, and often depend on the severity of the injury. According to statistics from the University of Alabama National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, patients with high tetraplegia spinal injuries, which have sustained damage to several of the eight cervical segments of the spinal cord, can expect to pay as much as $1 million in recovery during their first year alone, plus annual expenses averaging approximately $175,000. Those with low tetraplegia can expect about $750,000 in medical costs that first year, and an average of about $109,000 annually thereafter.

    Clearly, a victim of spinal injury should talk to a spinal injury lawyer Cleveland in winning just compensation. Financial security will be central to their own lifestyle independence and learning to live in their new situations.

    A victim of spinal injury can expect to spend at least 12 days of hospitalization following the injury. This is generally followed by about 37 days of more intense rehabilitation, though likely rehab will be a central feature and challenge of recovery for the remainder of their lives.

    On average, a person with high tetraplegia spinal injuries faces $4.5 million in lifetime care costs at age 25, and $2.5 million in lifetime care costs at age 50. Those with low tetraplegia face $3.3 million in lifetime care costs at age 25, and $2million in costs at age 50. Those suffering from parapelegia face $2.2 million in lifetime care costs at age 25, and $1.5 million at age 50.

    Living with a spinal injury comes with a high cost. Recovery is part of the healing process, but financial realities must still be faced. Contact The Linton Law Firm for a free consultation with a Cleveland spinal injury lawyer to discuss your options.

  • From the Desk of a Spinal Injury Lawyer Cleveland: New Research in Animal Spinal Treatment

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    Scientists conducting stem cell research recently regenerated damaged spinal nerves in the backs of dogs. Though researchers are cautiously optimistic, it’s promising news for people who have suffered a spinal injury. The research could quite possibly play a future role in the treatment of spinal injuries in humans. It’s just one example of how science is making the prospect of living with a spinal injury a little brighter.

    The research centers have recently shared that olfactory ensheathing cells (OECs) have been found to be beneficial in the treatment of spinal injuries because the cells have the capacity to promote fiber growth that could help rebuild the pathway of nerves along the spine of dogs. Earlier studies in animals have shown that OECs can be helpful in spinal healing. The procedure is being studied in humans as well, with the hope of being found to be safe for spinal injury treatment.

    The research studied 34 dogs which had lost the ability to use their legs. One group received the OECS injected into the nose. The group of dogs who received the treatment had noticeable improvement over the ones who did not. These dogs were able to move legs that had been previously paralyzed, as well as coordinate the front quarter movement.

    Results of Spinal Injuries

    Spinal injuries in humans are often extremely devastating and difficult to cope with for both the injured party and their family – often prompting them to contact a spinal injury lawyer in Cleveland. Although the recent major breakthroughs in medical research show promise, the ongoing effects of many spinal injuries continue to be irreversible. Fortunately, in cases where nerve damage is limited, some victims have achieved the restoration of their basic motor skills, oftentimes being able to walk with assistance.

    Paralysis which occurs in the arms and legs is considered quadriplegia or tetraplegia. The limitation of loss of movement only the lower extremities are referred to as paraplegia. Permanent disability is often thought of when a spinal injury occurs, because many cause permanent disability with a loss of feeling to the vertebrae, otherwise known as paralysis.

    If you or a family member experience such symptoms, be certain to consult with a spinal injury lawyer Cleveland about the latest medical research available. New discoveries are being made every day, and many treatments are initially tracked by legal and medical professionals.