• Cleveland Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer: Woman Undergoes Double Mastectomy Following Medical Error

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    As any cancer misdiagnosis lawyer in Cleveland can attest, medical errors can come at a high price. One woman is lucky to still be alive, but her life will never be the same. Sarah Boyle has misdiagnosed her with triple-negative breast cancer, but only after extremely debilitating chemotherapy and a double mastectomy.


    Though the mother of two young children is grateful to not actually have cancer, she regardless faces an increased risk of cancer due to double breast implants. Her lawyers said the mistake occurred because a biopsy sample was incorrectly recorded. She has suffered psychological trauma and also continues to endure ongoing symptoms caused by unnecessary treatment.

    The Trauma of Needless Medical Treatment

    “The past few years have been incredibly difficult for me and my family,” Boyle told the Telegraph. “Being told I had cancer was awful, but then to go through all of the treatment and surgery to then be told it was unnecessary was traumatizing. And while I was delighted when I gave birth to Louis, it was really heartbreaking when I couldn’t breastfeed him.”


    “As if that wasn’t bad enough, I am now worried about the possibility of actually developing cancer in the future because of the type of implants I have and I am also worried about complications that I may face because of my chemotherapy,” she added.

    Accountability & Responsibility in the Medical Community

    The hospital says it has taken steps to avoid such errors in the future.


    “A misdiagnosis of this kind is exceptionally rare and we understand how devastating this has been for Sarah and her family,” said a spokesman from the University Hospital of North Midlands NHS Trust. “Ultimately the misreporting of the biopsy was a human error so as an extra safeguard all invasive cancer diagnoses are now reviewed by a second pathologist.”


    After all, accountability is what not only forces those who commit medical errors to admit their mistakes but strive to never repeat them. If you have been wrongly misdiagnosed of cancer and would like to speak to a Cleveland cancer misdiagnosis lawyer, call the Linton Law Firm. We offer free consultations.

  • From the Desk of a Cleveland Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer: The Cost of False Positives in Breast Cancer

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    You don’t need to be a cancer misdiagnosis lawyer in Cleveland to understand that getting cancer wrong can be expensive. A recent study manages to put a price tag on breast cancer: $4 billion a year, for false positive mammograms and the over diagnosis of breast cancer in women ages 40 to 59.

    The study was published last April in the journal Health Affairs.

    According to the report, about 11 percent of the women surveyed had a false positive result, which means about 3.2 million women in the nation received a false positive that cost $2.8 billion in health care spending.

    “Ultimately, the decision to undergo breast cancer screening must be based on careful consideration of the trade-offs between the benefits and the harms of screening,” the report’s authors wrote. “We need a balanced message that continues to encourage women to seek medical care when they detect a breast lump, but we should also caution them about the negative consequences of over-detection from mammography.”

    Of course, that only reflects the cost of false positives. False negatives, on the other hand, carry an untold cost, including potentially that of a life. If you believe you have been the victim of a false diagnosis, contact a Linton Law Firm cancer misdiagnosis lawyer in Cleveland for a free consultation today.