• Even Suzanne Somers May Have a Case for a Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney in Cleveland

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    Suzanne Somers, the former Three’s Company Star, recently received some harrowing news. Her breast cancer had come back, and was supposedly rampant throughout her body. Luckily for Somers, the news proved to be yet another instance of cancer misdiagnosis, the kind of case a cancer misdiagnosis attorney in Cleveland comes across all the time. Her health problems were actually related to black mold exposure due to mold growing in the basement of a house she and her husband Alan Hamel were renting. The black mold could have proved just as fatal if Somers had not gotten treatment.

    “I ended up in the hospital for six days with a misdiagnosis of cancer,” Somers, 68, told ET. “When they read the CAT scan they said, ‘You have cancer everywhere. You have a mass on your lung and it’s covering your whole liver, and you have so many masses in your chest we can’t count them, and they’re all tumors, and you have a blood clot, and you have pneumonia.”

    It was shocking news for a woman who led such a healthy lifestyle- an all organic food diet, plenty of exercise and hormone therapy. But it was actually her basement that was the source of her health problems.

    “When we went down to that room it was like Little Shop of Horrors,” Somers told ET. “This leased house that we were living in — there was an unfinished room downstairs where there was standing water and black mold. It was crawling up through the dry wall, like worms almost, into the air conditioning and heating ducts, and we were breathing it in for the four years. I got the fungus in my lung which can kill you.”

    A cancer diagnosis error, whether it contributes to a fatal cancer case or not, causes unnecessary trauma in its wake. If you believe you have been a victim, contact a Linton Law Firm cancer misdiagnosis attorney in Cleveland for a free consultation today.

  • From the Desk of a Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney in Cleveland: Mililani Man Awarded $5.6 Million for Missed MRI

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    A Mililani man was recently awarded $5.6 million for a cancer misdiagnosis that caused him to require mouth reconstruction.

    Jeff Kim is lucky to be alive, but the tragedy is his recovery could have been much simpler if the right tests had been done and his cancer had been detected earlier. What could have required only one day in the hospital ended up requiring major reconstructive facial surgery. The misdiagnosis, which resulted from a series of missed tests, postponed his treatment for more than two years. Doctors ended up taking a bone from his leg to fix to his jaw, removing chest muscle to fix to his cheek and removing a tumor from behind his eye. He can’t chew food normally and saliva leaks out of the side of his cheek. He’s lucky to be alive, but his life will never be the same.

    It’s a story that a cancer misdiagnosis attorney in Cleveland knows all too well. What could have been simple becomes an exceedingly complicated and grisly procedure.

    “You’re looking back and you’re going we could have caught this at the early stages and it would have been a one day in the hospital surgery and five weeks radiation and I would have been back to work,” Kim told Hawaii News Now.

    When he first visited Straub Clinic & Hospital about his condition, they told him he did not have cancer.

    “Basically, they did some tests, but they did the wrong tests and it’s quite clear had they done the right tests, he would have been diagnosed two years earlier,” Kim’s attorney Richard Fried told ABC.

    When the symptoms persisted, Kim visited a private oral surgeon who ordered the critical MRI that Straub had neglected. It pinpointed the cancer in time to save his life, but only after major damage had already been done.

    If you’ve been the victim of cancer misdiagnosis, contact a cancer misdiagnosis attorney in Cleveland. Medical professionals need to be held accountable. People’s lives are at risk.

  • From the Desk of a Cleveland Attorney: When Cancer Misdiagnosis Turns Out to Be Good News

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    Take it from a cancer misdiagnosis attorney Cleveland: Not all cancer misdiagnosis is tragic. Sometimes a misdiagnosis actually turns out to be good news. Roger Mollison, 66, from the UK, was told he had nine months to live when doctors told him he had he had developed lethal mesothelioma, caused by exposure to asbestos. Then, three years later, he was later told his condition was actually a completely different non-life-threatening, asbestos-related condition, according to a recent article in the Daily Mail.

    When he first received his cancer misdiagnosis, he quit his job and spent as much time as possible with his children and grandchildren. Though he was relieved to discover he did not have cancer, the experience was traumatic and completely shook his faith in the medical system.

    “I’ve spent almost three years fearing I’d die any time and my family has suffered horribly. I prepared to not be around for much longer,” Mollison told the Daily Mail. “And (I) went through the awful feelings that go with that. Then I was shocked to the core when they told me the original lab results were wrong and I’m still trying to come to terms with it. It is wonderful to know that I am not dying but I have lost all confidence in doctors and don’t know if I ever will regain it.”

    Cancer misdiagnosis is always a traumatic, life changing event, no matter which way the news goes. And it is completely unnecessary. If you’ve been the victim of a cancer misdiagnosis, contact a cancer misdiagnosis attorney in Cleveland at The Linton Law Firm. We offer free consultation, with home and hospital appointments available. Contact us today.

  • From the Desk of a Cleveland Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney: Cancer Misdiagnosis More Common than Most Realize

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    As any Cleveland cancer misdiagnosis attorney will tell you, misdiagnosis is much more common than the general public believes. Misdiagnosis happens as much as 10 to 20 percent of the time, according to a recent article in the Washington Post. Trusting a doctor’s advice when it comes to cancer discovery faces about the same odds as Russian roulette, and the results can be just as fatal.

    In fact, a 2009 report funded by the Federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality found that 28 percent of 583 diagnostic mistakes were life threatening or resulted in death or permanent disability. A recent study on errors at a Texas VA hospital found that 87 percent of the time the misdiagnosis had the potential to cause serious harm as well as death.

    “This is an enormous problem, the hidden part of the iceberg of medical errors that dwarfs other kinds of mistakes”, David Newman-Toker, an associate professor of neurology and otolaryngology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, told the Washington Post. Most cases of misdiagnosis come from flawed thinking and negligence, and not the rarity of the disease itself.

    “There is probably nothing more cognitively complicated than a diagnosis, and the fact that we get it right as often as we do is amazing,” Dr. Mark L. Graber, a leading researcher and founding president of the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine, told the Washington Post.
    The moral of the story is to get a second opinion, even if the results turn up benign. It not only will save you from consulting a Cleveland cancer misdiagnosis attorney, but might actually save your life.

  • From the Desk of a Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney: More Than One-quarter of Cancers Misdiagnosed

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    A recent study published by the BMJ Quality and Safety journal pegs cancer misdiagnosis at a shocking 28 percent, with more than a quarter of all cancer cases in the US misdiagnosed at considerable danger to the patient. Lymphoma was reported to be the most commonly misdiagnosed cancer, followed by breast cancer, sarcomas, melanomas and cancer of an unknown site. Those numbers are a daily reality for a cancer misdiagnosis attorney Cleveland, who regularly sees these examples of misdiagnosis as a daily part of the job.

    Reasons for misdiagnosis generally ranged from “fragmented or missing information across medical information systems” (38.5 percent), “inadequate pathology diagnostic resources” (22 percent) and “inadequate genetic/genomic information available at the time of diagnosis” (20.3 percent).

    And it’s not necessarily the fault of the physician, but an inevitable result of the unrealistic demands and pressures placed on the medical profession.

    “Doctors today are increasingly time-strapped,” stated David Seligman, chairman and chief executive officer of Best Doctors, in a release. “Many of them are seeing up to 30 patients a day. They’re working in an overburdened health system with fractured or incomplete medical records. All of these things too often directly impact health outcomes – no matter how dedicated or skilled the physician may be.”

    Cancer misdiagnosis is unfortunately a common mistake, one that’s becoming increasingly prevalent in the financially strapped and resource demanding reality of today’s medical system. If you believe your cancer was misdiagnosed, talk to a Cleveland cancer misdiagnosis attorney at Linton Law Firm to decide your best legal strategy. Misdiagnosis should be held accountable.