• Reasons to Hire a Cleveland Car Accident Attorney

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    Car accidents can be life changing events. As such, someone needs to be held responsible, not out of revenge, but for the simple reason that lives need to be repaired. Your ability to work may be severely interrupted as a result of the accident, or you may face expensive medical bills and outpatient therapy. There are any number of reasons why you may require a car accident attorney Cleveland. Making the decision to contact one can make all the difference between healing and getting on with your life.

    Time May Be Limited

    Realize that most states have statute of limitations that require you to file an accident claim within two years. If you miss that window, you may relinquish your right to a day in court. In addition, critical evidence to your case may be difficult to establish the longer you wait.

    Insurance Companies Protect their Business Interests

    The insurance company looks at your case in terms of dollar signs. They’re looking to keep costs down to reduce their overhead. You and your insurance company aren’t always interested in the same results. Work with an attorney who specializes in car accidents, and you’ll gain the same legal leverage as the insurance companies.

    Settlements are Complicated

    Most cases are settled outside of court, with an offer made by the defendant or his or her insurance company. These settlements can be legally complicated, and it can be difficult to understand if the offer you are getting is really fair and in your best interest, or if you should hold out for something else. An attorney can help you best understand your options.

  • Cleveland Car Accident Lawyer: When the Victim is a Pedestrian

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    The sad truth is you don’t have to actually be a passenger in a car to be the victim of a car accident. All too often, the victims are pedestrians. And they rarely walk away without injury. Indeed, the injuries are more pronounced and likely to be critical, simply because they did not have the protective body of a car to ease the blow of the crash. Liability is not always cut and dry, and in fact, in many cases, the pedestrian may be held partially at fault or even fully at fault for the accident, depending on the circumstances. It is critical in these instances to work with a car accident lawyer Cleveland, even if you were only an innocent pedestrian caught in harm’s way.

    You’ll Likely Face an Insurance Company in Court

    If you’re a pedestrian who has been injured in a car accident, most likely the other party you’ll face in court will be the insurance company. It is critical to understand how the insurance adjuster will approach your case. Some will attempt to offer a settlement based on a daily rate, as well as additions for special and general damages. This will allow for negotiation, which is why it is critical to be working with your own legal counsel in pursuing your case.

    The amount awarded will also depend on the severity of your injuries, missed work, medical care expenses, the impact your injuries have on your life, and the likelihood for a full recovery. You’ll also want to consider how the accident will impact your ability to make a living in the future, as well as care for yourself and your family. Talk to a lawyer who understands car accidents about the full range of costs and concerns to consider.

  • When it’s Time to Contact a Car Accident Lawyer, Cleveland

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    Stop LightAsk any car accident lawyer Cleveland. Legal proceedings are not to be taken lightly. The road to pursuing civil arbitration in regards to a car accident can be long and drawn out, and there are no guarantees. The best one for advice when it comes to pursuing a case is ultimately your legal team.
    First, start with a free consultation from a car accident lawyer Cleveland. Most will be willing to listen to your circumstances and recommend whether you have a case. Some may take the case pro bono or only charge you a fee if you win.
    Second, take a look at what the other driver’s insurance company is willing to offer you. This can vary according to policy and state. If the other driver’s policy does not adequately cover your expenses and needs, depending on the severity of the accident, you may wish to seek an answer in court.
    Find out if you are in a no-fault state. This will only allow you to sue under limited conditions. Some states limit the damage awards to say $60,000, which may or may not meet your needs. If you will need lifelong care following the accident, for example, just skip the debate and contact a car accident lawyer Cleveland.
    Whether or not you live in a no-fault state, most states do not address non-economic losses, such as emotional hardship or the loss of a spouse. In these cases, you’ll be best served by contacting a car accident lawyer Cleveland to argue the best case. Some damages hurt you more than just financially.

  • Victims of Distracted Driving Casualties Benefit by Contacting a Car Accident Attorney in Cleveland

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    Statistics indicate that auto accidents cause in excess of 3 million injuries a year. With the popularity of texting while driving and paying less attention to the road continues to increase – so do the number of car accidents caused by the distracted driver. Car accidents can have serious ongoing effects on victims, causing many with serious and sometimes permanently injuries, resulting in financial devastation. Some normal types of tragic auto accident injuries include the following:

    • Permanent Disability
    • Brain and Head Injuries
    • Disfiguration
    • Paralysis
    • Spinal Cord Injury
    • Limb Loss
    • Back and Neck Injuries

    If you are in an auto accident, call the police immediately to file the required accident report necessary, even if no one appears to be injured or the damage is not catastrophic. This important report is intricate in the determination of fault by the insurance companies. When you are involved in a car accident, if you are physically able, be sure to take photos, draw diagrams, compile eye witness contact information and be certain to contact a Car Accident Attorney in Cleveland immediately after contacting the police.

    Often, people are hesitant because they fear they may be to blame for an accident. Regardless, it’s always in your best interest to immediately discuss your case with a car accident attorney in Cleveland. They will be able to help make sure everything is handled properly. Every year, the auto accident attorneys in Cleveland at Linton Law Firm LLC litigate numerous lawsuits to trial involving auto accidents and other personal injury cases.

    Auto accidents that cause debilitating injuries often produce expensive medical payments, placing a costly burden on the injury victim’s family. Drivers are expected to drive responsibly and abide by traffic laws when operating a car or vehicle. Another driver’s distraction or aggression should not be at the expense of the victim or their family.


  • Qualities of a Top Car Accident Attorney in Cleveland

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    When looking for a car accident attorney in Cleveland, remember that ultimately what you’ll likely face in court are the insurance companies. To them, your case is just a budget number, but it’s one they take very seriously. They’ll pay for the highest legal protection, which means you’ve got to hit them with everything you’ve got. This requires hiring the best qualified car accident attorney in Cleveland to be found, because likely, the insurance companies plan to do the same thing.


    Accident bike woman get emergency help paramedics

    Remember, when you hire a car accident attorney in Cleveland, you’re hiring more than just a lawyer. You’re hiring an entire research team. How well connected is your car accident attorney in Cleveland, and what sort of resources can they provide? Are they well connected with experts? Often, it’s the quality of the experienced witness on the legal stand that can make or break a case. What exactly are the resources in your attorney’s toolbox?

    Drunk Driving Advocacy

    If the other party in your case is a drunk driver, be sure you hire a car accident attorney in Cleveland that has experience advocating for the victims of drunk driving cases. This way, they’ll know what exactly to investigate and what questions to ask in order to make the best case.

    Vehicle Injury Experience

    Every type of law is different, especially when it comes to vehicle injury. Make sure your car accident attorney in Cleveland has deeply entrenched experience advocating for the victims of vehicle injury. What kind of reputation do they have in the field? How many cases have they won? Be sure to do your due diligence when retaining the services of an experienced legal firm – it will be essential to the outcome of your case.

  • When Pedestrians are Injured – Contact a Car Accident Attorney in Cleveland

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    You don’t necessarily have to be in a car to be injured in a car accident. Countless of innocent pedestrians are injured or killed every day, often simply by crossing the street. In fact, nearly 70,000 pedestrians are victims of car accidents every year. Since there is no metal car body to absorb the impact, the injuries can often be very severe if not fatal. Injured pedestrians may require the legal services of a car accident attorney in Cleveland to advocate for their rights.

    The Right of Waycrosswalk and pedestrian

    Pedestrians always have the right of way, whether they are walking in a cross walk or not. If you are crossing the street, the motorist has the duty to give you the right of way and let you cross. Though you are in the legal right, however, keep in mind that jaywalking is dangerous, and could well result in citation or injury.

    Areas of Increased Care

    Some areas, such as residential areas or schools, require an extra level of care on the part of the driver. If you are run over or hit by a driver using excessive speed in these areas, the experience of your car accident attorney in Cleveland will use the location of the accident to your advantage in seeking a claim.

    Parked Motorists

    Motorists will often park by the side of the road or on the median when conducting repairs, navigating or talking on a cell phone to seek on the road service. When they get out of their car, they become pedestrians and should be given the same right of way as any other pedestrian. If they become the victim of a car accident, an experienced car accident attorney in Cleveland can advocate for their rights as a pedestrian.

    Emergency Vehicles Roadside

    When approaching a broken down vehicle and/or a police or emergency vehicle on the side of the highway, it is the responsibility of the motorists to either move over to the next lane or slow down their speed as they pass the vehicles. Both are required safeguards against negligently harming the pedestrians involved.

  • Driving Tips to Avoid that Call to the

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    Car accidents are a fact of the road, but most can be avoided with a proactive approach to awareness. It’s our daily driving habits that can cause or avoid an accident. Safety is in the details. Simply keeping in mind the following driving tips may very well save you a call to a Cleveland car accident attorney.

    Distraction Dysfunction

    Simple distractions can turn tragic in the blink of an eye. Avoid any distractions behind the wheel, no matter how seemingly minor at the time. A simple fiddle of an iPod is enough time to take your eyes from the wheel and cause a serious accident. Makeup is for bathroom mirrors, not your rear-view. Texting can be more impairing than drunk driving. Tweet, and you will be running the risk of a fender-bender.

    Don’t Stretch Sleep

    Driver fatigue is second only to drunk driving when it comes to the cause of accidents. If you feel sleepy, pull over and doze for a few minutes. Pulling over for 10 to 15 minutes every couple of hours is a great way to get revived and be alert for the road ahead.

    Weather Blues

    Always avoid driving in dangerous weather conditions. Snow, rain or hail can greatly impact visibility and your control of the road. Why risk the unnecessary? Life is valuable. So during inclement weather, delay your plans or simply change your plans – stay home and off the treacherous roads.

    Be careful out there, and save yourself a call to the Cleveland car accident attorney. Accidents happen, but let’s do our best to prevent them. Pay attention to the details of driving, so everyone comes home safe and sound.

    If you do have the unfortunate occurrence of being involved in an accident, be certain to contact a Cleveland car accident attorney at Linton & Hirshman LLC.

  • Cleveland Car Accident Attorney

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    Calling a Car Accident Attorney in Cleveland Not About Greed

    We’ve all heard the lawyer jokes. In fact, when we’re out with friends for dinner or cocktails, we often make them. The stereotype of the greedy lawyer is very different from the truth, however, when you actually find yourself needing a car accident attorney in Cleveland.

    If you or your family have been the victim of a tragic car accident, you understand the expensive medical bills, loss wages from lack of work and any special long term care costs that come along. Shock is a natural reaction, but once you begin to think again, you realize action must be taken. Talk to a car accident attorney in Cleveland. This isn’t about greed. It’s about the financial security of your family and gaining the means to live your life again after it’s been smashed to pieces due to needless neglect and tragedy.

    Timing is of the essence. It’s important that evidence be gathered and preserved while it’s still fresh. Your life may be understandably reeling, but quick reaction is essential. Start with a free consultation with a car accident attorney in Cleveland as soon as possible.

    At Linton & Hirshman, our leading lawyers Tobias J. Hirshman, Ellen Hobbs Hirshman and Robert F. Linton, Jr. each have worked in some of the most respected law firms in the country before forming their own firm. We can compile and preserve evidence while it’s still fresh, and then aggressively assert your rights in court so you get what is just. We’ll challenge the insurance companies to insure your rights aren’t waived. We’ll pursue all avenues of recovery, even from uninsured or underinsured motorists. We’ll recover fair compensation for your medical expenses and ensure the financial security of your family’s future.

    Let us leverage our considerable resources to winning you a fortuitous outcome. Talk to a Linton & Hirshman car accident attorney in Cleveland. This isn’t about greed. This is the security of your family’s financial future, an avenue for healing and recovery.