• Coma Misdiagnosis and Consulting a Brain Injury Attorney Cleveland

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    If your loved one has been the victim of a brain injury and lies in a coma, the good news is they might not be as unresponsive as they appear. Rom Houben was paralyzed in 1983. Doctors incorrectly diagnosed that he was in a deep coma and assumed he was unconscious the whole time. Only a reevaluation of his case in 2009 revealed that he was actually fully awake and aware of what was going on around him. He spent over 23 years trapped in a state of isolation because the world assumed he was entirely unconscious. Ask any brain injury attorney Cleveland. His case is far from uncommon. As new technologies make it possible for people in near coma like states to communicate, the medical world is realizing that many people diagnosed with comas area actually quite conscious and capable of leading engaging lives in the future.

    Mr. Houben describes the day he was able to communicate successfully again with doctors as “his second birth.” His example is just more proof that we should never give up on people afflicted with brain injuries who have slipped into comas. A study in 2009 by top neurological expert Dr Steven Laureys reveals that coma misdiagnosis can be surprisingly common. If your friend or family member lives in a comatose state, it is crucial you have them evaluated properly. In today’s healthcare system, that can be difficult to do, as insurance companies often don’t want to pay for it. It is critical that you work with a brain injury attorney Cleveland to ensure a proper diagnosis for the sake of your loved one and their long term care.

  • Cleveland Birth Injury Attorney: Signs to Watch For

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    Identifying a birth injury is no easy task, and should ultimately be left to a professional. The question, however, is when do you call a Cleveland birth injury attorney? What may seem like a birth complication could be the direct result of negligence or error. Your child’s future care may depend on one simple call.

    Initial Signs

    Though some indications of birth injury don’t present themselves until well into a child’s development, there are immediate signs which need to be recognized. These include abrasions, bruising or swelling on the baby’s head, face or shoulders. Seizures that develop within 48 hours can be another sign. Is your child breathing normally at the time of delivery, or does he or she require CPR? Failure to breathe properly could be another sign. Does your child’s limbs have a floppy or limp appearance that seems to lack muscle tone?


    Other signs of birth injury can only be spotted as the child grows. Are they meeting their proper milestones? Within a month, babies should begin to focus on anything 8 to 12 inches away. Within three months, they should be able to follow moving objects. If a child is slow to suck and feed at one month, that may be a sign of developmental difficulty. Other questionable signs at three months include not being able to support one’s head, respond to loud sounds, or grasp and hold onto objects.

    If by month seven, your child cannot sit up properly, seems floppy like a rag doll, and can’t sit without help, you may want to consult a Cleveland birth injury attorney.

    Ultimately, it’s up to the professional expertise of a Cleveland birth injury attorney to decide. At Linton & Hirshman LLC, we offer a free consultation to discuss your situation. One simple call to a Linton & Hirshman LLC nursing home injury attorney can proactively protect your child for the rest of their lives.

  • Experience is in the Details: Choosing the Right Cleveland Law Firm

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    When it comes to medical malpractice, it is often difficult for you to receive answers to your questions.  You want to know what happened.  You want to know the truth.  You may be a victim wronged by a hospital, doctor or nursing home, but proving your case is another matter. Due to the complicated nature of medical malpractice lawsuits, the success of pursuing a medical malpractice case often depends more on the Cleveland malpractice lawyer that you choose than the facts of the case themselves.

    Linton & Hirshman is a Cleveland malpractice law firm that has a solid reputation in successfully litigating complex claims. We use our considerable resources to aggressively pursue a case to its complete potential. Our leading partners Ellen Hobbs Hirshman, Tobias J. Hirshman and Robert F. Linton, Jr. have worked in some of the most respected firms in the profession. Our experience speaks for itself. View our case summaries to see the impressive settlements we’ve won on behalf of our clients.

    At Linton & Hirshman, we practice law respectfully, yet aggressively, with the interest of our clients in mind. We know how to use the circumstances of a courtroom to best favor your case. As your Cleveland malpractice lawyer, we represent your side to the fullest of its potential to win the settlement you deserve. Most of our cases are taken on contingency, so we only get paid when you win. That means your interests are our top priority as your choice Cleveland malpractice law firm.